Library Newsletters forwarding tips

Below are common questions and answers about forwarding the Library's email newsletters and announcements to friends and colleagues.

Q. When I forward the Library's email newsletter to friends or colleagues, the recipients' email is just a bunch of text and hyperlinks. Why does that happen?

A. Email readers, also called “email clients,” can have distinct ways of processing incoming and outgoing emails, resulting in differences in display from one program to another. For a list of common email clients and their display characteristics, please refer to the Constant Contact Frequently Asked Question and answer about this issue.

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Q. How can I forward your email to someone else so that it looks like the one I received?

A. Our email marketing provider, Constant Contact, recommends the following to minimize display problems when forwarding emails:

  • Use the "Forward to a Friend" link at the bottom of the email. This will minimize the potential for breakdown of the email's formatting and style. It will also allow your recipient to forward the email to others and easily sign up for our mailing lists (if they wish to do so).
  • Use your email client to forward the communication, but append the original communication as an attachment.
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Q. How do I forward the original email as an attachment?

  1. Open a new email in your email client.
  2. Locate and LEFT-CLICK ONCE on the email you wish to forward.
  3. DRAG the highlighted email into the body of the new email. The email subject will appear as an attachment to the NEW email.
  4. Enter your list of recipients and click SEND.

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For additional assistance with email settings and display characteristics on your computer, please contact the System Administrator at your location.