Printing, Copying, and Scanning Services

Skokie Public Library offers both black and white and color printing and copying options. The charge for printing and copying in black and white is 10¢ per page. Duplex black and white printing is available for 15¢ per page. Color copying and printing is 25 ¢ per page. Copy machines accept currency or Copy Cards or library cards for payment. Computer printers accept Copy Cards or library cards.

Copy cards may be purchased from the Vendacard machine on the first floor or from the Vendacard machine in the second floor Copy Center. The card costs $1.00 for the initial purchase (50¢ for the card and 50¢ worth of copies). Keep your copy card or library cards and add value when needed. Money can be added at the Vendacard machines or at any photocopy machine.

Wireless printing
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Wireless Printing

Visit Skokie Public Library's PrintSpot webpage to send print jobs to the Library's printers from a laptop connected to the Library's wireless network or from any computer outside of the Library with an Internet connection.

  • The cost for black and white printing is 10¢ per page. Color printing is currently not available through PrintSpot.
  • Print jobs can be retrieved at the Print Release Stations found in the Library's Computer Commons (second floor) or near the Readers Services Desk (first floor).
  • Unclaimed print jobs will be deleted four hours after they are sent.
  • If you plan to use wireless printing on a regular basis, print from a mobile device, or print webpages that require a login, you must download and install the PrintWhere driver.
  • To print an email message or attachment from a mobile device forward your email to for the 2nd floor printer or for the 1st floor. You will be sent a confirmation email for each message and attachment.
  • Call the Adult Services Computer Lab at 847.324.3179 for more information.

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All Internet and research computers are connected to laser printers located within each department. Print jobs can be retrieved at the Print Release Stations found near each computer area. Printing is free of charge at some Library Catalog-only computers.

To print:

  • Select File >> Print, or click the printer icon on the toolbar.
  • A username box will appear. Type a username in the box. The username can be anything memorable to you.
  • Type in your username at the Print Release Sation.
  • Select your document(s) to be printed.
  • Click Print and scan your copy card or library card when prompted.
  • Your account balance, the total price for the print job, and your remaining balance will be displayed.
  • Click OK to release your print job.

Tips for printing:

  • Before printing your document, select File >> Print Preview. This step will show you the page count for your document and will allow you to select only the pages you wish to print.
  • Keep your username simple. The username could be as simple as your initials.
  • If you want to print your document in color, select File >> Print and choose Color Printer.
  • Please note that we do not allow paper from an outside source to be used in the Library's printers and copiers.

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Black and white and color photocopy machines are located on the first floor near the Used Book Sale Room, Youth Services Department, Readers' Services Department, and in the second floor Copy Center.

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One self-service scanning station are located in the Adult Classroom. Another self-service scanning station are located in the Adult Commons.They may be used on a walk-up basis or reserved up to seven days in advance. A variety of software is available to scan photos, graphics, and text documents. Users must be high school age or above to use any Adult Computer resources. Patron Technology Assistants can provide basic assistance for scanning.

Two additional scanners are also available in the Digital Media Lab.

A stand alone scanner is available in the copy center on the 2nd floor. 

A scanner is also available for the users of the Youth Computer Lab. The Computer Assistant will scan items for young patrons and the image will then be made available on the patron's computer or removable storage media (i.e., floppy diskette or USB flash/micro drive).

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Other Services

A fax machine is available in the second floor Copy Center. The cost is $0.50 per page for faxes sent to US-based numbers. International faxes cost $1.00 per page. Payment can be made by entering a credit/debit card number and expiration date on the phone by the machine.

USB flash drives may be purchased for $5.00 at the Reference Desk.

A typewriter is available in the Adult Reference area on the second floor. The Library does not provide stationery or office supplies for its users.

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