Movies From Down Under: Featuring Australia and New Zealand
Movie Recommendations

New Zealand


The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. R. 1994.
DVD Comedy

Animal Kingdom. R. 2010. DVD Drama

Australia. PG-13. 2008. DVD Drama

Australia: Land Beyond Time. 2004. DVD 599.4 A

The Bank. Not rated. 2001. DVD Drama

Beautiful. R. 2009. DVD Drama

Beautiful Kate. R. 2010. DVD Drama

Beneath Clouds. Not rated. 2002. DVD Drama

The Black Balloon. PG-13. 2008. DVD Drama

The Boys Are Back. PG-13. 2009. DVD Drama

Broken Hill. PG. 2009. DVD Drama

Candy. R. 2006. DVD Drama

The Castle. R. 1997. DVD Comedy

Centre Place. R. 2009. DVD Drama

A Cry in the Dark. PG-13. 1988. DVD Drama

Danny Deckchair. PG-13. 2003. DVD Comedy

Daybreakers. R. 2009. DVD Horror

December Boys. PG-13. 2007. DVD Drama

The Dish. PG-13. 2000. DVD Drama

Flirting. R. 1991. DVD Drama

Griff the Invisible. PG-13. 2010. DVD Comedy

Hammers Over the Anvil. Not rated. 1992. DVD Drama

He Died with a Felafel in His Hand. Not rated. 2001. DVD Drama

Innocence. R. 2000. DVD Drama

Introducing the Dwights. R. 2007. DVD Comedy

Japanese Story. R. 2003. DVD Drama

Jindabyne. R. 2006. DVD Drama

Kangaroo Jack.  PG. 2003. DVD Comedy

Kangaroo Mob. PG. 2012. DVD 599.222 K

Killer Elite. R. 2001. DVD Action/Adventure

Lantana. R. 2001. DVD Drama

Little Fish. R. 2005. DVD Drama

Little Sparrows. Not rated. 2010. DVD Drama

Look Both Ways. PG-13. 2005. DVD Drama

Lou. Not rated. 2010. DVD Drama

Mad Max. R. 1979. DVD SF/Fantasy

The Man from Snowy River. PG. 1982. DVD Action/Adventure

Mary and Max. Not rated. 2009. DVD Animation

Muriel’s Wedding. R. 1994. DVD Comedy

My Brilliant Career. G. 1979. DVD Drama

Ned Kelly. R. 2003. DVD Drama

Noise. Not rated. 2007. DVD Drama

Oscar and Lucinda. R. 1997. DVD Drama

Outback Pelicans. Not rated. 2011. DVD 598.43 O

Oyster Farmer. Not rated. 2004. DVD Comedy

Paperback Romance. Not rated. 1994. DVD Drama

Picnic at Hanging Rock. Not rated. 1975. DVD Drama

The Proposition. R. 2005. DVD Western

The Quiet Room. PG. 1997. DVD Drama

Rabbit-Proof Fence. PG. 2002. DVD Drama

The Rage in Placid Lake. Not rated. 2003. DVD Comedy

Red Hill. R. 2009. DVD Action/Adventure

The Reef. R. 2010. DVD Horror

Return to Snowy River. PG. 1988. DVD Action/Adventure

The Road Warrior. R. 1981. DVD SF/Fantasy

Rogue. Not rated. 2007. DVD Horror

Shine. PG-13. 1996. DVD Drama

The Shiralee. Not rated. 1987. DVD 791.4572 SHI TV

Snowy River: The McGregor Saga (television series). Not rated. 1993-1996.
DVD 791.4572 SNO TV

Somersault. Not rated. 2004. DVD Drama

The Square. R. 2008. DVD Drama

Strange Fits of Passion. Not rated. 1999. DVD Comedy

Strictly Ballroom. PG. 1993. DVD Comedy

The Sundowners. Not rated. 1960. DVD Drama

Swimming Upstream. PG-13. 2003. DVD Drama

Ten Canoes. Not rated. 2006. DVD World (Aboriginal)

The Thorn Birds. Not rated. 1983. DVD 791.4572 THO TV

To the Ends of the Earth. Not rated. 2005. DVD 791.4572 TO TV

Tomorrow When The War Began. R. 2010. DVD Action/Adventure

The Tree. Not rated. 2010. DVD Drama

Two Hands. R. 1999. DVD Drama

Under Capricorn. Not rated. 1949. DVD Drama

The Waiting City. R. 2009. DVD Drama

Walkabout. Not rated. 1971. DVD Drama

We of the Never Never. Not rated. 1982. DVD Drama

Wolf Creek. R. 2005. DVD Horror

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New Zealand

An Angel at My Table. R. 1990. DVD 791.4572 ANG TV

Dead Alive. Not rated. 1992. DVD Horror

Dean Spanley. G. 2008. DVD Comedy

Eagle vs. Shark. R. 2007. DVD Comedy

The Flight of the Conchords (telvision series). Not rated. 2007-. DVD 791.4572 FLI TV

Heavenly Creatures. R. 1994. DVD Drama

Her Majesty. PG. 2001. DVD Drama

Once Were Warriors. R. 1994. DVD Drama

The Piano. R. 1992. DVD Drama

The Price of Milk. PG-13. 2000. DVD Drama

Rain. Not rated. 2001. DVD Drama

Tracker. R. 2010. DVD Western 

The World’s Fastest Indian. PG-13. 2005. DVD Drama 


Adventures With Purpose: New Zealand. 2008. DVD-Travel 919.304 A

Australia. 2004. DVD-Travel 919.404 A

Australia to the Max. 2007. DVD-Travel 919.404 A

Discovering Australia. 2001. DVD-Travel 919.4 D

New Zealand. 2004. DVD-Travel 919.3104 N

New Zealand 2. 2007. DVD-Travel 919.3104 N

The New Zealand Experience. 2004. DVD-Travel 919.304 N

New Zealand to the Max. 2007. DVD 919.304 N

Smart Travels. Pacific Rim. New Zealand's South Island. New Zealand's North Island. 2006. DVD-Travel 919.304 S

Smart Travels. Pacific Rim. Sydney. Queensland. 2006. DVD-Travel 919.4 S

Touring the World: Touring Australia; Touring New Zealand. 2008. DVD-Travel 919.404 T

Ultimate Australia. 2011. DVD-Travel 919.404 U

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