Golden Globe Award Winners for Best Picture — Drama

All of these movies are located in the Drama section unless otherwise noted.

2014   12 Years a Slave. R. DVD and Blu-ray
2013   Argo. R. DVD and Blu-ray
2012   The Descendants. R. DVD and Blu-ray
2011   The Social Network. PG-13. DVD and Blu-ray
2010   Avatar. PG-13. DVD Action/Adventure
and Blu-ray Action/Adventure
2009   Slumdog Millionaire. R. DVD and Blu-ray
2008   Atonement. R. DVD
2007   Babel. R. DVD
2006   Brokeback Mountain. R. DVD
2005   The Aviator. PG-13. DVD
2004   The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. PG-13.
DVD SF/Fantasy and Blu-ray SF/Fantasy
2003   The Hours. PG-13. DVD
2002   A Beautiful Mind. PG-13. DVD and Blu-ray
2001   Gladiator. R. DVD Action/Adventure and Blu-ray Action/Adventure
2000   American Beauty. R. DVD
1999   Saving Private Ryan. R. DVD Action/Adventure
1998   Titanic. PG-13. DVD and Blu-ray
1997   The English Patient. R. DVD
1996   Sense and Sensibility. PG. DVD
1995   Forrest Gump. PG-13. DVD and Blu-ray
1994   Schindler's List. R. DVD
1993   Scent of a Woman. R. DVD
1992   Bugsy. R. DVD
1991   Dances with Wolves. PG-13. DVD
1990   Born on the Fourth of July. R. DVD
1989   Rain Man. R. DVD
1988   The Last Emperor. PG-13. DVD
1987   Platoon. R. DVD
1986   Out of Africa. PG. DVD
1985   Amadeus. R. DVD
1984   Terms of Endearment. PG. DVD
1983   E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. PG. DVD SF/Fantasy and Blu-ray SF/Fantasy
1982   On Golden Pond. PG. DVD
1981   Ordinary People. R. DVD
1980   Kramer vs. Kramer. PG. DVD
1979   Midnight Express. R. DVD
1978   The Turning Point. PG. DVD
1977   Rocky. PG. DVD and Blu-ray
1976   One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. R. DVD
1975   Chinatown. R. DVD
1974   The Exorcist. R. DVD Horror
1973   The Godfather. R. DVD and Blu-ray
1972   The French Connection. R. DVD Action/Adventure
1971   Love Story. PG. DVD
1970   Anne of the Thousand Days. PG-13. DVD
1969   The Lion in Winter. PG. DVD
1968   In the Heat of the Night. Not rated. DVD
1967   A Man for All Seasons. G. DVD
1966   Doctor Zhivago. PG-13. DVD
1965   Becket. Not rated. DVD
1964   The Cardinal. Not rated. DVD
1963   Lawrence of Arabia. PG. DVD Action/Adventure and Blu-ray Action/Adventure
1962   The Guns of Navarone. Not rated. DVD Action/Adventure
1961   Spartacus. PG-13. DVD Action/Adventure
1960   Ben-Hur. G. DVD and Blu-ray
1959   The Defiant Ones. Not rated. DVD
1958   The Bridge on the River Kwai. PG. DVD
1957   Around the World in 80 Days. G. DVD Action/Adventure
1956   East of Eden. PG. DVD
1955   On the Waterfront. Not rated. DVD
1953   The Greatest Show on Earth. Not rated. DVD
1952   A Place in the Sun. Not rated. DVD