Gambling Movies
Movie Recommendations

What are the odds of getting a good movie today?  Take a chance on these action packed films set in and out of the casinos.  If you play your cards right, you might be very lucky.

Bob le Flambeur. Not rated. 1955. DVD World (French)

Bugsy. Not rated. 1991. DVD Drama

California Split. R. 1974. DVD Comedy

Casino. R. 1995. DVD Drama

The Cincinnati Kid. Not rated. 1965. DVD Drama

The Cooler. R. 2003. DVD Drama

Croupier. Not rated. 1998. DVD Drama

Even Money. R. 2006. DVD Drama

Finding Amanda. R. 2008. DVD Comedy

The Good Thief. R. 2002. DVD Drama

Hallelujah. Not rated. 1929. DVD Musical

Hard Eight. R. 1997. DVD Drama

Harvard Man. R. 2001. DVD Comedy

High Roller. R. 2004. DVD Drama

Honeymoon in Vegas. PG-13. 1992. DVD Comedy

House of Games. R. 1987. DVD Drama

The Killing of a Chinese Bookie. R. 1976. DVD Drama

Lucky You. PG-13. 2007. DVD Drama

Maverick. PG. 1994. DVD Western

Ocean’s Eleven. Not rated. 1960. DVD Comedy

Ocean's Eleven. PG-13. 2001. DVD Drama

Ocean’s Thirteen. PG-13. 2007. DVD Drama

Oscar and Lucinda. R. 1997. DVD Drama

Owning Mahowny. R. 2003. DVD Drama

Rounders. R. 1998. DVD Drama

Shade. R. 2003. DVD Drama

A Throw of Dice. Not rated. 1929. DVD Drama

Turn the River. R. 2007. DVD Drama

21. PG-13. 2008. DVD Drama

29 Palms. Not rated. 2002. DVD Drama

Walking Tall. PG-13. 2004. DVD Action/Adventure

What Happens in Vegas. PG-13. 2008. DVD Comedy