Documentaries by Ken Burns
Movie Recommendations

Filmmaker Ken Burns has directed a number of popular documentaries shown on PBS, including the 1990 Emmy-winner The Civil War. From then on, he became the preeminent documentarian on American life, focusing on a variety of subjects. Many of his documentaries are owned by Skokie Public Library and are listed below.

The Address. 2014. DVD 371.9 A

Baseball. 1994. DVD 796.357 B

Baseball: The Tenth Inning. 2010. DVD 796.357 B

Brooklyn Bridge. 1981. DVD 624.55097471 B

The Central Park Five (co-directed by Ken Burns). 2013. DVD 364.1532 C

The Civil War. 1990. DVD 973.7 C

The Congress. 1988. DVD 328.73 C

The Dust Bowl. 2012. DV 978.032 D and Blu-ray 978.032 D

Empire of the Air. 1991. DVD 621.384 E

Frank Lloyd Wright. 1998. DVD B W949fr

Horatio’s Drive: America's First Road Trip. 2003. DVD 917.304911 D

Huey Long. 1985. DVD B L8485hu

Jazz. 2000. DVD 791.6509 J

Lewis & Clark: The Journey of the Corps of Discovery. 1997. DVD 917.8 L

Mark Twain. 2001. DVD B T9692ma

The National Parks: America's Best Idea. 2009. DVD 333.783 N and Blu-ray 333.783 N

Not For Ourselves Alone: The Story of Elizabeth Cady Stanton & Susan B. Anthony. 2004. DVD 920.72 N

Prohibition. 2011. DVD 363.410973 P and Blu-ray 363.410973

The Roosevelts. 2014. DVD 929.2 R and Blu-ray 929.2 R

Seeing, Searching, Being: Three Films by Ken Burns. 2010. DVD 191.092 S

The Shakers: Hands to Work, Hearts to God. 1989. DVD 289.8 S

Statue of Liberty. 1985. DVD 974.71 S

Thomas Hart Benton. 2004. DVD 759.13 B478th

Thomas Jefferson. 1997. DVD B J455th

Unforgivable Blackness: The Rise and Fall of Jack Johnon. 2004. DVD 796.83092 U

The War. 2007. DVD 940.5373 W