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Feature Films

A Night to Remember. Not rated. 1958.
DVD Drama
and Blu-ray Drama

Raise the Titanic. PG. 1980. DVD Drama

Thumbtanic. Not rated. 1999. DVD 791.4361 T

Titanic. Not rated. 1953. DVD Drama and Blu-ray Drama

The Titanic (television miniseries). PG-13. 1996.
DVD 791.4572 TIT TV

Titanic. PG-13. 1997. DVD Drama

Titanic (television miniseries). Not rated. 2012. DVD 791.4572 TIT TV

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Nonfiction Films

Ghosts of the Abyss. 2003. DVD 910.91634 G

Raising the Titanic. 2012. DVD 910.91634 T

Saving the Titanic. 2012. DVD 791.4572 SAV TV

Secrets of the Titanic. 2012. DVD 910.91634 S

Sinking Titanic (part of Mythbusters. Season One). 1995. DVD 507.8 M

Titanic: How it Really Sank. 1995. DVD 910.91634 T

Titanic: 100th Anniversary Collection. 2012. DVD 910.91634 T

Titanic: The Atlantic Disaster (part of Glorious Triumphs and Great Tragedies). 2012.
DVD 902 G

Titanic: The Complete Story. 2012. DVD 910.91634 T

Titanic: 90 Years Below (part of The Decades Collection). Not rated. 2007. DVD 973.9 D

Titanic's Achilles Heel. 2010. DVD 910.91634 T

Titanic's Final Mystery. 2012. DVD 910.91634 T

Titanica. 1992. DVD 910.452 T

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Skokie Public Library also owns a number of novels about the Titanic which we've compiled into a list, Tales of the Titanic.