Movies and Television Shows about Magic and Magicians
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Bewitched. PG-13. 2005. DVD Comedy

Bewitched (television series). Not rated. 1964-1972.
DVD 791.4572 BEW TV

Camelot (television series). Not rated. 2011-.
DVD 791.4572 CAM TV

Charmed (television series). Not rated. 1998-2006.
DVD 791.4572 CHA TV

Chocolat. PG-13. 2000. DVD Drama

Criss Angel Mindfreak (television series). Not rated. 2005.
DVD 791.4572 CRI TV

The Covenant. PG-13. 2006. DVD Horror

The Craft. R. 1996. DVD Horror

David Blaine, Fearless. Not rated. 2000. DVD 793.8 D

Death Defying Acts: Houdini's Secret. PG. 2007. DVD Drama

Fairy Tale: A True Story. PG. 1997. DVD Drama

Grand Illusions: The Story of Magic. Not rated. 2002. VHS 793.8 G

The Harry Potter series. PG and PG-13. 2001-2011.
DVD SF/Fantasy and Youth DVD
and Blu-ray SF/Fantasy and Youth Blu-ray

Houdini. Not rated. 1953. DVD Drama

Houdini. Not rated. 2011. DVD B H8363ho

Houdini, The Movie Star. Not rated. 1919-1923. DVD Drama

I Dream of Jeannie (television series). Not rated. 1965-1970. DVD 791.4572 IDR TV

The Illusionist. PG-13. 2006. DVD Drama

Jonathan Creek (television series). Not rated. 1997-2004. DVD 791.4572 JOH TV

The Last Airbender. PG. 2010. DVD SF/Fantasy and Blu-ray SF/Fantasy

The Legend of Bagger Vance. PG-13. 2000. DVD Drama

Like Water for Chocolate. R. 1992. DVD World (Spanish)

Long Life, Happiness and Prosperity. Not rated. 2002. DVD Comedy

Merlin. Not rated. 1998. DVD 791.4572 MER TV

Merlin (television series). Not rated. 2009-. DVD 791.4572 MER TV

A Midsummer Night's Dream. Not rated. 1935. DVD Comedy

A Midsummer Night's Dream. PG-13. 1996. DVD 822.33 P7ro

A Midsummer Night's Dream. PG-13. 1999. DVD Comedy

A Midsummer Night's Dream. Not rated. 2000. DVD 822.33 P7bb

Oz the Great and Powerful. PG. 2013. DVD SF/Fantasy and Blu-ray SF/Fantasy

Practical Magic. PG-13. 1998. DVD Comedy

Prelude to a Kiss. PG-13. 1992. DVD Comedy

The Prestige. PG-13. 2006. DVD Drama

Roar. Not rated. 1997. DVD 791.4572 ROA TV

Sliding Doors. PG-13. 1998. DVD Comedy

The Sorcerer's Apprentice. PG. 2011. DVD SF/Fantasy and Blu-ray SF/Fantasy

Supernatural (television series). Not rated. 2005-. DVD 791.4572 SUP TV

Tales from Earthsea. PG-13. 2011. DVD Animation

The Tempest. PG-13. 2010. DVD Comedy and Blu-ray Comedy

The 10th Kingdom. Not rated. 2000. DVD 791.4572 TEN TV

Travellers and Magicians. Not rated. 2003. DVD World (Dzongkha)