Scary Music
Selected CDs

Be Afraid of the Dark: The Essential Halloween Music Collection. 2012. (R HALL BAD R42)

The Best of Hammer Horror. 2001. (L COLL BHH B60)

Burwell, Carter. Twilight: The Score. 2008. (L TWIL TWI C00)

Coulais, Bruno. Coraline: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. 2009. (L CORA COR K41)

Elfman, Danny. Corpse Bride: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. 2005. (L CORP CB W73)

Elfman, Danny. Music for a Darkened Theatre: Film and Television Music. Volume 1. 1990.
(L ELFM MDT-1 M65)

Elfman, Danny. Music for a Darkened Theatre: Film and Television Music. Volume 2.
(L ELFM MDT-2 M50)

Clip artElfman, Danny. The Nightmare Before Christmas. 2006. (L NIGH NC W36)

Elfman, Danny. Sleepy Hollow: Music from the Motion Picture. 1999. (L SLEE SH H62)

Fright Night: Music That Goes Bump in the Night. 1989. (R HALL FNM C30)

Glass, Phillip. Dracula. 1999. (L DRAC DRA K42)

Halloween. 2007. (R HALL HAL M06)

Halloween Classics. 2008. (R HALL HC S16)

Halloween Costume Party Music. 2006. (R HALL HCP T89)

Halloween Horrorscapes. 2007. (R HALL HH S82)

Halloween: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. 2007. (L HALL HAL H04)

Halloween II: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. 2009. (L HALL HAL-2 H58)

Ifukube, Akira. Godzilla. 2004. (L GODZ GOD L22)

Jaws: The Anniversary Collector's Edition. 2000. (L JAWS JAW W45)

Legendary Horror Films. 2002. (L COLL LHF S66)

Mannheim Steamroller. Halloween: Monster Mix. 2004. (R HALL MANN M32)

Mannheim Steamroller. Halloween 2: Creature Collection. 2006. (R HALL MANN M32)

Menken, Alan. Little Shop of Horrors. 2003. (K LITT LSH B98)

Miller, Dave. Midnight Fever. 2000. (R HALL MFU M28)

Miller, Dave. Sounds of Horror: The Ultimate Horror Party Rock. 2000. (R HALL MILL L27)

Monsterfest. 2004. (L COLL MON K39)

The Most Frightening Music in the Universe. 2004. (R HALL MFM D33)

New Moon: Motion Picture Soundtrack. 2009.

O’Brien, Richard. The Rocky Horror Picture Show. 2000. (L ROCK RHP O35)

Psycho: Horror and Fantasy at the Movies. 1992. (L COLL PHF S03)

Psycho: Original Motion Picture Score. 1997. (L PSYC PSY M65)

Rodriguez, Robert. Planet Terror: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. 2007.

Salter, Hans J. Universal’s Classic Scores of Mystery and Horror. 2000. (L COLL UCS M24)

Twilight: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. 2008. (L TWIL TWI A23)

The Ultimate Horror Movie Album. 2000. (L COLL UHM D71)

Whedon, Jed. Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog: Soundtrack From the Motion Picture. 2008. (L DRHO DHS M01)

The Words & Music of Frankenstein. 1999. (L COLL WMF Z14)

Zombie, Rob. Hellbilly Deluxe. 1998. (MM ZOMB HD Z12)