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Clip art The Four Seasons: A Musical Calendar of Favourite Classics. 2003.

Glazunov, Aleksandr Konstantinovich.
The Seasons Ballet
. 1865-1936. (EB GLAZ)

Haydn. Die Jahreszeiten = The Seasons. 1981. (C HAYD JAH M28)

O'Connor, Mark. The American Seasons. 2001. (EC OCON AS O60)

Vivaldi, Antonio. The Four Seasons. (EC VIVA FS)

The Wild Mountain Thyme: Revels Songs for Spring, Summer & Autumn. 1993.

Winston, George. All the Seasons of George Winston: Piano Solos. 1998. (MN WINS ASG W66)

Yang, Xuefei. Si Ji=Four Seasons. 2005. (GG YANG SJ Y28)

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Beethoven, Ludwig van. Violin Sonata No. 5 "Spring". 1992. (GV BEET SON-5 V49)

Britten, Benjamin. Spring Symphony. (ES BRIT SS P67)

Cherry Blossoms. 2006. (Q JAPAN CB P64)

Chinese Gardens. 2003. (MN RELAX CG L57)

Classical Garden. 2003. (MN RELAX CG S36)

Copland, Aaron. Appalachian Spring. (EA COPL AS)

Glazunov, Aleksandr Konstantinovich. Spring, op. 34. 1997. (EA GLAZ C G38)

Melford, Myra. Yet Can Spring. 2001. (MJ MELF YCS M54)

Music of Spring. 1999. (EA COLL MS H63)

Pachelbel, Johann. Pachelbel in the Garden. 2003. (MN RELAX PACH S00)

Parris, Rebecca. Spring. 1993. (MJ PARR SPR P76)

Philharmonic String Soloists of Berlin. Chrysanthemums. 1989. (EA COLL CHR Y77)

Rorem, Ned. Nine Episodes for Four Players; Dances ; Spring Music. 2005.

Schumann , Robert. Symphony no. 1 in B flat major, op. 38 "Spring". (ES SCHUM 1)

Secret Garden. Songs From a Secret Garden. 1996. (MN SECR SG S30)

Stravinsky, Igor. Le Sacre du Printemps (The Rite of Spring). (EB STRAV SP)

Tingstad & Rumbel. Acoustic Garden. 2002. (MN TING AG T88)

Winston, George. Winter into Spring: Piano Solos. 2002. (MJ WINS WIS W37)

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Bax, Arnold. Choral works: Enchanted Summer; Walsinghame; Fatherland. 1989.
(C BAX ES W25)

The Beach Boys. Sounds of Summer: The Very Best of the Beach Boys. 2003.

Classics for Summer. 1993. (EA COLL CS D38)

Davis, Chip. Summer Song. 2001. (MN RELAX DAVI A03)

Deuter. Sun Spirit. 2000. (MN DEUT SS D03)

Donadi, Daniel. Oriental Garden. 1998. (MN RELAX DONA D05)

50s Summer Dance Party: Jukebox Legends. 2001. (MR COLL FSD A62)

For a Summer Evening. 2002. (EA COLL FSE A36)

40 Most Beautiful Summer Classics. 2008. (EA COLL FMB W49)

Hot Summer Nights: Favorite Greek Music. 2002. (Q GREE HSN L55)

Karajan, Herbert Von. Summer Adagio. 1997. (EA COLL SA K27)

Kodaly, Zoltan. Symphony; Summer Evening; Hungarian Rondo. 1995.

Liebert, Ottmar. Innamorare: Summer Flamenco. 1999.(MN LIEB INN L73)

Masterbeat S.P.F. (Summer Party Favorites). 2006 (J COLL MSP-06 M62)

#1 Hits of the Summer: Beach Party. 2006. (MA COLL NOH C46)

#1 Hits of the Summer: Summer Classics. 2006. (MA COLL NOH C52)

#1 Hits of the Summer: Summer Hits. 2006. (MA COLL NOH C47)

Peterson, Oscar. A Summer Night in Munich. 1999.(MJ PETE SNM P50)

Prokofiev, Sergey. Summer Night Suite, op. 123. 1995.(EB PROK CIN P30)

S.P.F. 20: Summer Party Favorites. 2005. (J COLL SPF M52)

Simply Summer: Relax to the Classic Sounds of the Season. 2006. (EA COLL SSR S49)

Summer. Summer. 2003. (D SUMM SUM S79)

Summer. 1993. (EA COLL SUM T24)

Summer in the Park. 2011. (EA COLL SP E58)

Summer Solace. 2008. (MN RELAX SS S64)

Summer Winds: The Ultimate Getaway Album. 2003. (EA COLL SWU D45)

25 All-Time Greatest Summer Songs. 2000. (MA COLL TAG V48)

Williams, Dar. End of the Summer. 1997. (P WILL ES W30)

Winston, George. Summer. 1991. (MJ WINS SUM W07)

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Corigliano, John. Poem in October. 1990. (EC CORI O L95)

Grieg, Edvard. Im Herbst op. 11 = In Autumn. 1989. (ES GRIE SYM J21)

Isham, Mark. October Sky: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. 1999.

Petrov, Andrei Pavlovich. Osennii Marafon= The Autumn Marathon. 1996.

Prokofiev, Sergey. Autumn: Symphonic Sketch, op. 8. 1990. (EA PROK LK J06)

Shostakovich, Dmitrii Dmitrievich. October: op. 131. 1989. (ES SHOS 15 J16)

Sweet November: Music From the Motion Picture. 2001. (L SWEE SN R44)

Twilight Sad. Fourteen Autumns & Fifteen Winters. 2007. (MR TWIL FAF T55)

U2. October. 1981. (MR U2 OCT)

Weill, Kurt. September Songs: The Music of Kurt Weill. 1997. (D WEIL SS S46)

Wright, Danny. Autumn Dreams. 1991. (GP WRIG AD W21)

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Andsnes, Leif Ove. The Long, Long Winter Night. 1998. (GP ANDS LLW A41)

Enya. And Winter Came--. 2008. (RC ENYA AWC E83)

Janis, Tim. December Morning. 1999. (MN JANI DM J20)

Masterbeat Winter Party. 2006. (J COLL MWP-06 M62)

Ravel, Maurice. Un Coeur en Hiver= A Heart in Winter. 1993. (L COEU Ch K20)

Turtle Island String Quartet. By the Fireside. 1995. (RC TURT BF T75)

Sting. If On a Winter's Night. 2009. (RC STIN IWN S29)

The United States Air Force Band. Wintertime. 1999. (RC UNIT WIN U01)

Windham Hill Artists. A Winter Solstice Reunion. 1998. (RC COLL WSR W69)

Windham Hill Artists. A Winter’s Solstice. (RC COLL WS)

Winston, George. December. 1982. (RC WINS DEC W25)

Yanni. Winter Light. 1999. (MN YANN WL Y76)

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