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Skokie Public Library has a strong tradition of assisting people with their careers. Along with the following websites, the Library has an Employment Resource Center with a collection of career reference titles, local job listings, information on local job events, and handouts.

For an opportunity to network and share search techniques and strategies with other job seekers, join us at the Skokie Career Support Group which meets at the Library on the third Monday of the month from 9:30 to 11:00am. The group is moderated by Melissa Fickling, a licensed career counselor from the Jewish Vocational Service.

For more information on these and other career programs contact Mike Buhmann by phone at 847.324.3176 or .

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Start Your Job Search Here!

These three websites are useful for learning how to use the Internet in a job search or to find links to job search material.


This is a good place to start for anyone looking for a job in Chicago. This site contains links to local job listing sites, a guide to area employers and local career assistance organizations.

Web resourceThe Riley Guide

This highly regarded career website includes an A-to-Z index of career information available on the Internet.

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General Career Information Sites

Research career profiles and explore possible career opportunities at the following websites.

Web resourceAmerica's Career InfoNet

Follow the links to information on general career outlook, wage trends, state employment profiles, and websites related to individual career fields.

Web resourceCareer Guide to Industries

This site provides information on careers by industry including working conditions, occupations in the industry, training and advancement, earnings and benefits, and employment outlook.

Available everywhere with your Skokie Public Library cardThe Careers College

The Careers College is a job search education and career resource center. The portal blends online educational learning modules, job search tools, and complementary career resources to help you navigate the job search process and land the ideal job. The site has sections on Conducting the Job Search, Preparing for Job Interviews, Resume Templates, and more.

Web resourceGlassdoor

A comprehensive career resource with information on thousands of companies. Glassdoor includes salary, bonuses, and details for specific jobs at specific companies, as well as actual interview questions and hiring process details. Also included are reviews written by employees that highlight the pros and cons of working for a particular employer.

Web resourceIllinois Department of Employment Security

Get the latest information on unemployment benefits at this site along with job listings and information on employment services.

Web resourceJobs & Careers for Teens

From Skokie Public Library's "Teen Scene," this web page contains a collection of links to job search guides and information for teens.

Web resourceLicensed Occupations from America's Career InfoNet

This tool shows the occupational licensing requirements by state, occupation, or agency and includes information on licenses required by law in order to practice a particular occupation.

Web resourceMonster Career Advice from

An overview of more than one hundred careers, their job descriptions, required skills, and outlook.

Web resourceOccupational Outlook Handbook

This federal government publication contains information on hundreds of individual careers including the nature of the work, employment projections, and much more.

Web resourceO*NET OnLine

O*NET OnLine provides information for over 950 occupations including the skills, abilities, work activities, and interests associated with various occupations.

Web resourceU.S. News - Career

From U.S. News & World Reports, this site contains articles on all aspects of the job search including information on "Hot Job Tracks."

Web resourceWhat Can I Do With a Major In...

This University of North Carolina site provides labor market information, job titles, and employment sites for various undergraduate and professional majors.

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Interactive Career Tests

These sites provide online tests to help evaluate your interests and aptitudes and to help you find an ideal career field.

Web Career Tests

This site contains a selection of useful and fun career search tests that address areas such as procrastination, assertiveness, leadership, IQ, and more.


This website includes the Kiersey Temperament Sorter, a test designed to identify four personality temperaments as a way to help people assess their job preferences.

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Salary Guides

These resources provide salary information for individual industries and occupations often within specific regions of the country.

Web resourceGlassdoor

A comprehensive career resource with information on thousands of companies. Glassdoor includes salary, bonuses, and details for specific jobs at specific companies, as well as actual interview questions and hiring process details. Also included are reviews written by employees that highlight the pros and cons of working for a particular employer.

Web resourceSalary Information from JobStar

Find links and descriptions of over three hundred salary surveys or summaries in periodicals, newspapers, trade and professional journals, associations, recruiters, and employment agencies.


Use the tools on this website to create salary reports for hundreds of different positions.

Web resourceWages, Earnings & Estimates

From the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this site provides regional wage rates for occupations and an overview of benefits and earnings statistics by industry.

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Career Super Sites

Super sites offer multiple features for job searchers and usually include job listings, resume databanks, and career guides. These national sites cover the entire United States but job searches can be limited to the Chicago area.

Web resourceCareerBuilder

This well-regarded job search site includes a Personal Search Agent and job listings from across the country.

Web resourceCareerJournal

Sponsored by the Wall Street Journal, CareerJournal provides job listings, salary surveys, and job hunting advice primarily geared towards professional and managerial positions.

Web resourceFlipDog

The FlipDog job and resume posting website includes a unique feature that allows you to search through jobs posted at employer's websites. 

Web resourceHotJobs from Yahoo!

HotJobs provides job listings and resume postings. A useful feature of the site's personalized search service is the marking of jobs that have been posted by staffing agencies or executive recruiters.

Web is a job search engine that includes job listings from major job boards, newspapers, associations, and company career pages. Searches can be saved and delivered via email alert, MyYahoo, or other RSS feed readers.


One of the largest online job sites, offers thousands of job listings, sample resumes and job search letters, self-assessment guides, email counseling, company profiles, and specialized sections for job searches in health care, sales, finance, administrative support, retail, and law.

Web resourceNationJob Network

The NationJob Network offers job listings and specialized features including a section promoting jobs in specific employment categories, information on individual companies and communities, and an email job listing update service.

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Local Career Information

These websites offer job listings available in Skokie and the Chicago area.


Job listings from Oakton Community College and several other Northern Illinois community colleges are available at this website. Registration is required to view the listings and to post a resume.

Web resourceCraigsList

It's free to post job listings on CraigsList so there will be many listings here that you won't find on other jobs sites.

Web resourceJob Listings from

This valuable website contains links to major job listing resources for the Chicago area including the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Sun-Times.

Web resourceMajor Employers in Skokie from SkokieNet

This list contains links to the websites of many local employers. Some of the websites include information about available jobs.

Web resourceNorthwestern University Open Position Listings

Northwestern University is a major employer in the Chicago and north suburban area. This website lists their current job openings and a guide to applying for open positions.

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Executive Recruiters

For certain professions an executive recruiter can be a valuable resource for finding jobs. These sites contain directories of executive recruiters.

Web resourceMRINetwork

Click on "Find a Recruiter" to search for recruiters by occupational area or specialty.

Web resourceOya's Directory of Recruiters

A directory of corporate recruiters searchable by specialty or location.

Web resourceRecruiters Online Network

Search corporate recruiters by specialty or location, and link to their websites, or get a list of current job openings.

Web resourceSelectRecruiters

This online counterpart to the Directory or Executive Recruiters allows detailed searching for recruiters across the country. A fee is charged for the results, but the cost may be worth the time.

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Finding Employer and Industry Information

These websites can help you find potential employers or research companies before you interview. 

Available everywhere with your Skokie Public Library cardFirst Research Industry Reports from Hoover's Online

Retrieve industry reports from First Research by selecting the "Industries" tab above the main search box in Hoover’s Online. The industry reports provide description, financials, trends, and company lists for hundreds of industries. Select the "Companies" tab to search for reports on individual employers.

Web resourceMajor Employers in Skokie from SkokieNet

This list contains links to the websites of many local employers. Some of the websites include information about available jobs.

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Internships and Volunteer Opportunities

If you can afford little or no salary, then volunteering or interning are great ways to gain experience in a new career field.

Web provides a database of volunteer and internship opportunities in the United States and in countries around the world.


Search around the United States for businesses and organizations that offer internships.


Registration is required to search this database of internships from across the United States.

Web resourceVolunteerMatch

Enter your zip code to find volunteer opportunities in your area.

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Most people find jobs not from job listings, but through another person who knows of an open position. These websites help guide you to find these hidden jobs.

Web resourceJobStar Central: The Hidden Job Market

This valuable job search guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to research the hidden job market and network with the people who can help you get employed.

Web resourceNetworking, Interviewing & Negotiating from The Riley Guide

This website provides a guide to networking, resources for finding job fairs and support groups, and an overview of online networking.

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Get advice on designing and formatting a resume at the following websites.

Available everywhere with your Skokie Public Library cardCareer Center from

Career Center is organized into sections on Career Help, GED Preparation, Citizenship, and Back to School. The Career Help section includes resources to help write resumes and cover letters. Resumes and cover letters can be uploaded and evaluated by career experts using ProofPoint. ProofPoint is available from 3:00 to 10:00pm only.

Web resourceJobStar Central: Resumes

This website includes a guide to developing an electronic resume, examples, and an evaluation of the best resume posting sites.

Web resourceMonster Career Center: Resume Center

Find expert advice and browse through hundreds of examples or job specific resumes and cover letters.

Web resourceRebecca Smith's e-Resumes & Resources

Through tutorials, articles, and links, this site assists in developing and distributing effective electronic resumes for a variety of online scenarios.

Web resourceSusan Ireland Resumes

This excellent collection of articles includes advice on writing resumes and examples of resumes, cover letters, and thank you letters.

Web resourceThe Riley Guide: Resumes & Cover Letters

Part of the famous Riley Guide, this site offers an excellent collection of resume writing resources. Check the survey results of "What recruiters really want."

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