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NewspaperDirect PressDisplay

NewspaperDirect PressDisplay is a digital news database that provides access "to 2200+ newspapers from 97 countries in 54 languages."

Newspapers are usually available on the day they are published and remain available for sixty days.  Newspapers are available in full page format.  

NewspaperDirect PressDisplay

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Why Use NewspaperDirect PressDisplay?

NewspaperDirect PressDisplay is a great resource for newspapers from other cities, other countries, and in other languages.  Use NewspaperDirect PressDisplay if you are learning another language, have personal or business interests out-of-town, or if you’re just interested in many different perspectives on the news of the day.  NewspaperDirect PressDisplay also provides a translation feature for some newspapers.

The following are examples of the kinds of questions that can be answered using NewspaperDirect PressDisplay:

  • What’s in the news in Seattle today? What about Columbus, Ohio?
  • I lived in Brazil for a while; is there a way to read the Sao Paulo paper online?
  • I wonder what the international press has to say about the latest American political scandal.
  • I heard about this article in Le Figaro that I’d like to read, but my French is worse than rusty.  Is there anything out there to help me?
  • I really miss my local newspaper when I travel!  How can I read the Chicago Tribune without having to hunt high and low for it when I’m out of town?

Browsing and Searching


The easiest way to use NewspaperDirect PressDisplay is to browse to the newspaper you are interested in and then just look through the paper as you would a printed newspaper.

To select the paper you wish to read, simply click the Select Title button at the top of the screen.  A drop-down menu allows you to view titles by country, language, or in alphabetical order.  Select the publication you want to read, and its first page will be displayed.

The Toolbar on the bottom of the page allows you to view one page at a time or all pages at once in thumbnail view; to zoom in and out; to move from one page to another; and to print, email, or send a page to a blog.


NewspaperDirect PressDisplay is best used to browse current and recent newspapers, but it’s also possible to search for articles if you’re looking for something specific.

Use the Search box at the top of the screen to search for keywords; you may also limit by date using the drop-down menu in this box.

For more advanced search options, click the Search box at the top of the screen before you enter your keywords.  This opens the Advanced Search at the left hand side of the screen.  Advanced Search allows you to limit your search to a particular newspaper, a newspaper in a particular language, a publication date, or an article author.

Special Features

Page View

You can choose to view your newspaper either one or two pages at a time. To toggle between these options, click on the one page icon One page mode or the two page icon Two page mode on the Toolbar on the bottom of the page.

Page Navigation

Use the icons in the Toolbar on the bottom of the page to page forward Page forward and back Page backward in your newspaper.


Click on View All Thumbnails on the right to see all of the pages of the publication at once.

Font Size

Increase or decrease font size by clicking on the plus sign plus signor the minus sign minus signon the Toolbar on the bottom of the page.


To enlarge the page you are viewing, simply click once on the page. You may also click on the magnifying glass zoom in the toolbar on the bottom of the page. Once the page is enlarged, navigate around the page by holding down your left mouse button and moving your mouse.   To return the page to its original size, click on the close in the top right corner of the page.

Back Issues

To view back issues of the newspaper you are interested in, select the newspaper or magazine, then in the top toolbar mouse over the date of the publication to open up the calendar function.  A floating calendar will appear, showing the dates for which this title is available to you.


Place the cursor over the article until it is highlighted and then click the title of the article.  Click on the Translate option at the top right of the box and choose the language in which you wish to read the article.  If you have translated the text and wish to view it in its original language, click Original.

The Translation feature is only available on newspapers marked with the SmartNavigation symbol.


To listen to an article, simply choose the article you are interested in and click the sound sound icon.  The audio will begin to play in Windows Media Player. If you have used the language translation tool, the article will be read to you in the language that you have chosen.

The audio version is only available on newpapers marked with the SmartNavigation symbol.

Handling Results

Print print or email email any page by choosing the icon on the toolbar at the bottom of the screen.

To print print or email email a particular article, place your cursor over the article until it is highlighted, and then click on the title.  You may then choose the appropriate icon at the top of the screen.

Other Resources

NewspaperDirect PressDisplay is a unique resource at Skokie Public Library; no other database allows you the experience of reading the newspaper online just as if you had the print copy.  However, many of our databases do include the entire text of articles from newspapers all over the world, and if you’re looking for complete coverage of a particular event these other databases may prove to be useful.

  • ArticleFirst is an index of tables of contents from more than 12,000 journals of science, technology, medicine, social science, business, the humanities, and popular culture.
  • CQ Researcher covers current and controversial issues of the day with complete summaries, insight into all sides of an issue, and more.
  • eLibrary provides easy access to a vast array of general, business, and scholarly information resources, all in full text.
  • Factiva is an extensive database that includes the full text of articles from thousands of newspapers and business periodicals.  Factiva includes the New York Times from 1980 to the present.
  • General Reference Center is an online index of popular periodicals, many of which are full text.  With a straightforward search interface, this database is often the best place to start a periodical search.
  • WilsonSelect Plus is an index of more than 1,600 full text journal articles from a variety of popular interest magazines.

Also, librarians at Skokie Public Library have selected and compiled the most useful databases and websites for magazine, newspaper, and journal articles. Please check the Databases A to Z page for more resources.