Women's History Month

Celebrate Women's History Month with these links to library books and World Wide Web sites filled with information about the women who shaped our world. Learn about the Woman Suffrage Movement, the Seneca Falls Convention, women in the military...even the history of women's boxing!

At the Library

Youth books about women in history

On the Web

American Women in Uniform
This website is filled with links to information about women who chose to serve in the United States military. Learn all about their history and accomplishments, the battles they fought, the work they did, and much more. Many of the links include photos.
History Channel Exhibits: Women's History
During the month of March, the History Channel celebrates Women's History Month on their website. Each day, the site features the life story of a different woman who helped change the world.
The History of Women's Boxing
Learn all about the history of women's boxing on the Women Boxing Archive Network. Be sure to check out the Women Boxer Profiles for links to biographies of famous women boxers from the 1970s to the present.
National Women's History Project: Women's History Month
Learn all about Women's History Month on this website from the National Women's History Project.
One Hundred Years Toward Suffrage: An Overview
This timeline provides information about the Woman Suffrage Movement from 1776 through 1923.
TIME Newsfile: Women's History
These stories from TIME magazine feature notable women from throughout history.
Women of the Century: 100 Years of American Heroes from DiscoverySchool.com
This special Social Studies feature provides links to information and websites that celebrate the achievements of American women throughout the twentieth century.
Women Who Changed History
Use this website to explore the lives of notable women in history including Amelia Earhart, Sally Ride, Rosa Parks, and more.
Women's History
Learn about the League of Women Voters, woman suffrage, and much more on this website from the Library of Congress Women's History collections.
Women's History Month: A National Register of Historic Places Feature
In honor of Women's History Month, this website features historic properties listed in the National Register, National Register publications, and National Park units that celebrate the contribution of women to United States history.
Women's History Month Timeline
Go back in time and learn about notable women in history from 4000 B.C. through 2000.