United States Historical Fiction
... for grades 3 and 4

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Colonial period: 1600-1775
Revolutionary period: 1775-1783
Civil War: 1861-1865
Other titles of interest

Colonial Period: 1600-1775

Borden, Louise. Sleds on Boston Common. 2000.
J Fiction BOR
Henry was given a new sled for his ninth birthday and he can’t wait to go to the Boston Common to try it out. But British troops have set up camp in the best sledding place.

Revolutionary Period: 1775-1783

Bruchac, Joseph. The Arrow Over the Door. 1998.
J Easy Fiction BRU
Samuel Russell is a peace-loving Quaker. A battle is brewing near his home and an unexpected meeting with an Indian shows him a way to fight back.
Fritz, Jean. George Washington’s Breakfast. 1969.
J Easy Fiction FRI
George W. Allen is proud of being named after George Washington. He knows everything about George Washington except the little things. What did George Washington eat for breakfast?
Schurfranz, Vivian. A Message for General Washington. 1998.
J Fiction SCH
Twelve-year-old Hannah is asked to spy on the British army and report on their position. If she succeeds, she could save Yorktown!
Turner, Ann. Katie’s Trunk. 1992.
J Picture Book TUR
Katie, who is angry that she has to leave her home and hide from rebel soldiers, decides to return to her house. Upon her return, it is invaded and there is no way to escape.
Waters, John F. Night Raiders Along the Cape. 1997.
J Fiction WAT
Asa must get to the Massachusetts coast to warn his friends that the British raiders are coming. In order to save them, he must disobey his parents and place himself in danger.

Civil War: 1861-1865

Brill, Marlene Targ. Diary of a Drummer Boy. 1998.
J Fiction BRI
Orion Perseus Howe is joining the Union Army as a drummer boy. Little does he know that he will actually be fighting in the Civil War.
Polacco, Patricia. Pink and Say. 1994.
J Picture Book POL
Pinkus Aylee finds Say Curtis injured during the Civil War and takes him home, putting their lives and the lives of others in danger.

Other titles of interest

Armstrong, Jennifer. Patrick Doyle is Full of Blarney. 1996. *
J Easy Fiction ARM
To keep the bullies off the baseball playing field, Patrick promises that his brother Larry Doyle is coming to play with them. If Doyle doesn’t show, Patrick and his friends will lose the field.
Avi. The Barn. 1994. *
J Fiction AVI
Nine-year-old Ben promises his dying father that the barn he’s always dreamed of will be built. Ben, with the help of his brother and sister, has to build it.
Baillie, Allan. Rebel. 1994.
J Picture Book BAI
An unexpected, young, and unarmed rebel steps out to save Burma from the General.
Cornelissen, Cornelia. Soft Rain: A Story of the Cherokee Trail of Tears. 1998.
J Fiction COR
Soft Rain is a Cherokee Indian forced out of her home and sent on a journey, with only part of her family, to a place she doesn’t know.
Dalgliesh, Alice. The Courage of Sarah Noble. 1998. *
J Easy Fiction DAL
When Sarah’s father has to leave her in the Connecticut wilderness with Indians, she has to keep up her courage while waiting for her family.
Fritz, Jean. The Cabin Faced West. 1958.
J Easy Fiction FRI
Ann Hamilton is waiting for a special occasion to wear her Gettysburg shoes and ribbons in her hair. The special occasion never seems to come until a stranger rides up Hamilton Hill.
MacLachlan, Patricia. Caleb’s Story. 2001. *
J Easy Fiction MAC
Caleb is assigned the task of writing the family history in a journal. A mysterious old man living in his barn leads Caleb to uncover a family secret.
MacLachlan, Patricia. Sarah, Plain and Tall. 1985.
J Easy Fiction MAC
Anna and Caleb are trying to adjust to a mail-order bride for their father. Just when everyone seems to be getting along, the bride wants to leave.
MacLachlan, Patricia. Three Names. 1991.
J Picture Book MAC
A boy’s great-grandfather shares with him the story of his dog, Three Names, and their experiences in a one-room schoolhouse, with tornadoes and in fields of grass that seem to go on forever.
Ryan, Pam Muñoz. Riding Freedom. 1998.
J Fiction RYA
Charlotte Parkhurst isn’t your typical little girl. She climbs trees, fights with boys, and even decides life will be easier if she is a boy.
Whelan, Gloria. Next Spring an Oriole. 1987.
J Easy Fiction WHE
On Libby Mitchell’s tenth birthday, she and her parents climb into a covered wagon to begin a journey halfway across the country.