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Aiken, Joan. The Wolves of Willoughby Chase. 2000.
Youth Fiction AIK
Bonnie lives in the English countryside on a beautiful old estate called Willoughby Chase. When her parents go away on a long trip, Bonnie’s father hires a nanny to care for her and her cousin Sylvia. At first, Miss Slighcarp seems a little strange. But soon, the girls discover that she is out to take over the estate and everything in it. And they are completely under her control – or are they?
Alexander, Lloyd. The Illyrian Adventure. 1986.
Youth Fiction ALE
Follow young Vesper Holly as she sets out to prove the legend of Illyria -- and in the process gets involved in a search for treasure, an attempted revolution, and a conspiracy to murder! When she prevents a war, Vesper ultimately finds an important piece of history.
Almond, David. Heaven Eyes. 2000. *
Youth Fiction ALM
When they escape from their orphanage on a raft, young Erin, January, and Mouse float into a strange, other-worldly place of abandoned warehouses and factories. There they find Heaven Eyes, a dreamy childlike creature with webbed fingers, who speaks in a strange language that sounds like music. Join the children -- in their surreal existence -- where facts, dreams, memories, and the imagination all blend together to help them construct their own stories in order to survive.
Arnosky, Jack. The Pirates of Crocodile Swamp. 2009
Youth Fiction ARN
Jack and Sandy’s parents are divorced, and they live with their mom in Pennsylvania. One day, their father picks them up and begins to drive. He doesn’t stop until he gets to the Florida Keys. Afraid of living with their troubled dad, the boys decide to gather supplies and escape into the crocodile-infested Florida swamps. How will they survive?
Avi. Beyond the Western Sea  (includes Book One: The Escape from Home and Book Two: Lord Kirkle's Money). 1996. *
Youth Fiction AVI
It is 1851 and life in Ireland is awful. Twelve-year-old Patrick and his older sister Maura abandon their Irish home to escape poverty, famine, and disease. Fate brings them together with 11-year-old Laurence, who is penniless and confused after running away from his wealthy home in London in a fit of rage. The threesome joins forces to flee the country. Once aboard the Robert Peel on their way to America, they find themselves crowded in wretched shipboard conditions where they come face-to-face with illness and death and conniving and shady characters. Their adventure is not over once they reach land, as they soon find out that their future in America is fraught with danger and crises.
Bradley, Kimberly Brubaker. Halfway to the Sky. 2002.
Youth Ficton BRA
Sad and angry after her brother’s death, Dani runs away from home, determined to hike the Appalachian Trail alone. Dani’s parents are experienced hikers, and so is she. But a 12-year-old girl can’t hike a 2000-mile wilderness trail by herself – or can she?
Creech, Sharon. The Wanderer. 2000. *
Youth Fiction CRE
To cross the ocean on a 45-foot sailboat; what an opportunity! When her three uncles and two male cousins decide to make the trip from Connecticut to England, Sophie begs to go along. Her story chronicles not only her adventures at sea, but also her adventures within -- toward a past too painful to mention.
Durbin, William. The Broken Blade. 1997.
Youth Fiction DUR
Imagine being 13 years old and going on a 2,400 mile trek from Montreal to Lake Superior in a birch bark canoe! This is what happens to Pierre when his father is injured and someone must work to feed the family. Follow Pierre as he signs on as a voyageur -- for twelve weeks of heavy paddling and high adventure.
Fleischman, Sid. Bandit’s Moon. 1998. *
Youth Fiction FLE
What do you get when you combine an injured young girl with a bandit who can’t read? When Annyrose Smith is swept off with the bandits (who think she's a boy) during the California Gold Rush, you get an action-packed tale -- complete with thievery, murder, thundering horse hooves, and reading lessons for the bandit!
George, Jean Craighead. Julie of the Wolves. 1972. *
Youth Fiction GEO
When Julie becomes lost in the Alaskan tundra, how will she survive? She makes friends with a pack of wolves and comes to depend on them as well as herself for her survival.
Hoobler, Dorothy and Hoobler, Thomas. The Ghost in the Tokaido Inn. 1999.
Youth Fiction HOO
Seikei is the son of a tea merchant -- but he longs to be a samurai. When he travels the Tokaido Road with his father, he becomes embroiled in a series of strange and mysterious adventures, which take him from the Kabuki Theater to the Shogun’s palace -- and beyond.
Horowitz, Anthony. The Devil and His Boy. 2000.
Youth Fiction HOR
Tom has a miserable life working at The Pig’s Head Inn. When someone appears who changes his life, it seems like a miracle until Tom ends up alone in Elizabethan London. When Tom meets a group of actors and helps them put on a play, does he know that the play has a dangerous purpose? Does Tom know just how much danger he is in?
Hunt, Laura Jones. The Abernathy Boys. 2004.
Youth Fiction HUN
What if your parents let you and your 5-year-old brother ride from Oklahoma to Santa Fe, New Mexico -- and back -- by yourselves? That's what happens to young Bud Abernathy, age 9, and his brother Temple -- who encounter a boatload of troubles, including rattlesnakes, scorpions, wolves, dust storms, and outlaws as they set out on horseback across the Old West.
Lawrence, Iain. The Wreckers. 1998. *
Youth Fiction LAW
As he sets sail aboard one of his father’s merchant ships, John Spenser falls in love with life at sea. When the ship encounters a massive storm and is washed onto a beach, John learns that an entire town makes its living by luring ships close to the lethal coastal rocks and then plundering the remains. John must battle the elements, escape from the wreckers, and search for his father, who is lost in the shipwreck.
Morgan, Clay. The Boy Who Spoke Dog. 2003.
Youth Fiction MOR
If you’re a dog lover, this survival story is for you. When a nineteenth-century merchant schooner is capsized in a powerful storm off New Zealand, the young cabin boy is the sole survivor. Washed ashore on a remote island, Jack thinks he is alone, until he discovers the island’s other inhabitants – dogs!
Morpurgo, Michael. Kensuke’s Kingdom. 2003.
Youth Fiction MOR
Eleven-year-old Michael’s parents realize their life-long dream of buying a yacht with their savings and sailing around the world. One night in the South Pacific, Michael and the family’s dog Stella are swept overboard while his parents sleep. The next morning, he finds himself on the beach of a remote island, with no memory of how he got there. The island seems uninhabitable: full of thick, choking jungle and swarms of mosquitoes, with no sign of fresh water or food. Then Michael discovers that he is not alone.
Myers, Edward. Climb or Die. 1994.
Youth Fiction MYE
A car crash on a snowy Colorado mountain road which injures both of their parents forces Danielle and Jake not only to make choices, but also to overcome the difficulties they have with each other. When they decide to climb to the top of Mount Remington rather than go back the way they came, their survival is at stake.
Paulsen, Gary. Hatchet. 1987. *
Youth Fiction PAU
Brian is a 13-year-old boy from New York City who is being flown in a small plane to meet his father, an engineer working in the oil fields of Canada. During the flight the pilot suffers a heart attack and the plane goes into a nose dive over the Canadian wilderness. Want to find out what happens next? Pick up this page-turner!
Rubalcaba, Jill. The Wadjet Eye. 2000.
Youth Fiction RUB
It is Egypt in the time of the Roman Empire and young Damon, a medical student, weeps for his dead mother. Together with a friend he sets out for Spain to find his father. Along the way, Damon and Artemas have too many adventures to count -- but the horrors of the Circus Maximus, the amputations in the bloody battlefield hospital, and Damon’s mummification of his mother’s body all come gruesomely to life.
Smith, Roland. Sasquatch. 1998.
Youth Fiction SMI
Is Sasquatch only a legend -- or do they really exist? When Mount St. Helens is about to erupt, Dylan is sure that he’s seen a real Sasquatch. As the mountain rumbles and roars, Dylan goes on a harrowing adventure to save the huge creature.
Springer, Nancy. Rowan Hood: Outlaw Girl of Sherwood Forest. 2001. *
Youth Fiction SPR
When her mother is murdered, Rosemary searches for her father -- the legendary Robin Hood. Disguised as the boy Rowan, she sets off on a perilous journey to Sherwood Forest, accompanied by Tykell (an animal that is part wolf and part dog) and Ettarde (a princess-on-the-run). Robin Hood is captured by the authorities when he goes to town, and Rowan and her companions must save him.
Trueman, Terry. Hurricane. 2008. *
Youth Fiction TRU
What’s it like to be in a hurricane? Thirteen-year-old Jose finds out when Hurricane Mitch hits his small village in Honduras in 1998. With his father away from home, Jose takes on the task of protecting his mom and younger sister and brother during and after the violent storm. Read about the incredible destruction caused by Hurricane Mitch, and how one brave boy struggles to keep his family safe.