Chick Lit
... for junior high girls

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Anderson, Laurie Halse. Prom. 2005. *
Junior High Fiction AND
High school senior Ashley Hannigan is one tough girl. She spends a lot of her after-school time in detention, and her post high-school plans include one thing: her 19-year-old dropout boyfriend. Obviously, the Senior Prom is the last thing on her mind. But when the prom funds are stolen just two weeks before the event, Ashley's best friend begs her to help and Ashley reluctantly agrees, changing her life forever.
Brashares, Ann. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. 2001. *
Junior High Fiction BRA
Carmen's pair of second-hand jeans are amazing. Miraculously, the jeans look great on Carmen and each of her three best friends as well, even though they all have completely different body types! As they prepare to go their separate ways for the summer, the lifelong friends decide to share the jeans. Each girl will keep them for a few weeks and then send them on. Will the pants work their magic on Carmen, Lena, Bridget, and Tibby? Read and find out! The first in a series.
Cabot, Meg. The Princess Diaries. 2000.
Junior High Fiction CAB
Flat-chested, five-foot-nine, and a freshman! Mia Thermopolis is all of these things, and feels like the biggest loser who ever lived. To top it all off, Mia's mom has just started dating her algebra teacher! Things couldn't possibly get any worse- or could they? The first in a series.
Calonita, Jen. Secrets of My Hollywood Life. 2006.
Junior High Fiction CAL
Kaitlin Burke is an overworked teen movie star who just wants to be a normal kid. Deciding to take matters into her own hands, Kaitlin enrolls in a public high school under an assumed name, and learns what it's really like to be just another teen-age girl.
Creech, Sharon. Absolutely Normal Chaos. 1990. *
Junior High Fiction CRE
Thirteen-year-old Mary Lou Finney has an assignment over summer vacation: keep a journal. The bad news is that she has no idea how to do this. The good news is, she figures it out, and we get to read it! Reading Mary Lou's journal is like finding a new best friend- and it's hilarious too!
Dessen, Sarah. The Truth About Forever. 2004. *
Junior High Fiction DES
Since her father's death, Macy has tried to make sure that every aspect of her life is safe, predictable and perfect. But when she gets a job at wacky, offbeat Wish Catering, her careful plans are thrown into chaos. And that's a good thing!
DeVillers, Julia. How My Private Personal Journal Became a Bestseller. 2004.
Junior High Fiction DEV
Fourteen-year-old Jamie Bartlett feels painfully ordinary compared to the pictures of the thin, blonde superstars she has plastered all over her bedroom walls. One day, pouring her frustration into her journal, Jamie makes up a superhero girl called IS, who is dedicated to fighting the Evil Clique of Populors. When Jamie's journal mistakenly gets read aloud in English class, it is an instant smash hit.
Graham, Rosemary. Thou Shalt Not Dump the Skater Dude and Other Commandments I Have Broken. 2005.
Junior High Fiction GRA
Kelsey is tall, blonde and pretty, so it's no surprise that soon after she begins her freshman year, she becomes the girlfriend of popular skateboarder C.J. Logan. What is a surprise is how quickly she tires of being egotistical C.J.'s accessory. But when she breaks up with him, C.J. retaliates and Kelsey's problems begin.
Harrison, Lisi. The Clique. 2004.
Junior High Fiction HAR
If you've ever known any "mean girls," you'll recognize them in this book about bullying. When seventh-grader Claire moves to Westchester, New York, with her parents, she expects things to be a little hard at first. Hard is an understatement! Finding herself the victim of bullying by the popular clique at Octavian Middle School, Claire decides to get revenge. The first in a series.
Hogan, Mary. Perfect Girl. 2007.
Junior High Fiction HOG
Ruthie has fallen head over heels in love with Perry, but Perry seems interested in a new girl. A makeover is in order, but Ruthie's mom knows nothing about hair or makeup. Fortunately, there's Aunt Marty, an advice columnist who lives in New York and always looks stylish. But Ruthie's mom isn't speaking to Aunt Marty, and Ruthie has no idea why.
Hopkins, Cathy. Mates, Dates and Inflatable Bras. 2003.
Junior High Fiction HOP
Fourteen-year-old Lucy Lovering feels like an utter failure. Not only does she look younger than everyone in her grade ("I have the body of a 9-year-old boy!"), but she has absolutely no idea what she wants to do with her life. Worst of all, it now appears that her best friend is dumping her for the beautiful, stylish Nesta, who looks about twenty-one. There's only one thing to do: makeover! The first in a series.
Johnson, Maureen. 13 Little Blue Envelopes. 2005.
Junior High Fiction JOH
The only times Ginny has ever felt excited about life were the times she spent with her Aunt Peg, an artist and all-around free spirit. Now Peg has died, and Ginny feels more shy and alone than ever. But Aunt Peg has left Ginny a mysterious packet, full of very specific instructions- instructions that will change Ginny's life.
Koss, Amy Goldman. The Girls: A Story. 2000. *
Junior High Fiction KOS
Have you ever wondered how people who are supposed to be friends can be so mean to each other? Seventh-graders Maya, Renee, Brianna, and Darcy have done everything together. Then suddenly Maya is not invited to a group sleepover. She knows this means that she has been pushed out of the group. But why? In this book each girl tells her side of the story.
Lenhard, Elizabeth. Chicks with Sticks It's a Purl Thing. 2005. *
Junior High Fiction LEN
Craft fans will love this story about the healing power of knitting. Scottie has never felt so alone. Her beloved Aunt Roz has died and her best friend Amanda is becoming more and more distant. When Scottie happens upon a little knitting store called KnitWits, her life changes in ways she never thought possible. The first in a series.
Limb, Sue. Girl, 15, Charming but Insane. 2004. *
Junior High Fiction LIM
Fifteen-year-old Jess Jordan, the queen of the wisecrack, thinks she has everything figured out. There are the haves, like her crush Ben Johnson "hair like golden grass" and her gorgeous, brilliant best friend Flora. Then there are the have-nots, like Jess "huge bum, massive ears" and her nerdy friend Fred. But when Flora develops a crush on Fred, all bets are off! The first in a series.
Mlynowski, Sarah. Bras and Broomsticks. 2005. *
Junior High Fiction MLY
Fourteen-year-old Rachel wishes for a lot of things. She'd love to be able to stop her dad from remarrying, or get a great date to the Spring Fling, or somehow be able to afford those green suede designer shoes she saw at Bloomingdale's last week. It would be so great if these things could just happen by magic. But of course that's impossible...or is it? The first in a series.
Murdock, Catherine Gilbert. Dairy Queen: A Novel. 2006. *
Junior High Fiction MUR
Here's a football book... for girls! Fifteen-year-old D.J. Schwenk is no stranger to hard work. With her dad injured and her mom working all day, athlete D.J has had to quit basketball and track to run the family farm. When she agrees to help train Brian, a quarterback for a rival football team, D.J. finds herself falling for him. If you like Dairy Queen, try the sequel, Dairy Queen Days.
Rallison, Jeanette. It's A Mall World After All. 2006.
Junior High Fiction RAL
You'd think being a perfume spritzer at the mall would be kind of a boring job, but actually Charlotte finds it fascinating. By keeping her eyes and ears open, she learns a lot. One of the things she learns is that her best friend's boyfriend may be seeing another girl!
Rennison, Louise. Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging. 1999. *
Junior High Fiction REN
If you'd like to meet a hilarious new friend, pick up this diary, in which 14-year-old Georgia Nicolson pours her heart out to you. Georgia covers a lot of ground, from what is wrong with her life "I am very ugly and need to go into an ugly home," to her heart's desire: 17-year-old Robbie, "the Sex God!" The first in a series.
Sheldon, Dyan. Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. 1999.
Junior High Fiction SHE
Everything about Lola Cep is dramatic: her clothes, the way she talks, the way she dresses, and her career goals actress, of course!. When her mother moves the family from exciting New York City to boring Dellwood, New Jersey, Lola is sure that her over-the-top personality and style will easily win the hearts of the poor, culturally deprived students at her new high school. It'll be a breeze, right? Wrong.
Sones, Sonya. What My Mother Doesn't Know. 2001.
Junior High Fiction SON
Sophie is 14 and blissfully happy. She loves Dylan and he loves her. But then why does she keep having these feelings about Murphy, the boy everyone thinks is weird?
Standiford, Natalie. Blonde at Heart. 2006.
Junior High Series Paperback ELLE WOODS
What was Elle Woods like before college? Read this prequel and find out how the frumpy high school sophomore became the sleek, chic fashionista of Legally Blonde fame. The first in a series.
Whytock, Cherry. My Cup Runneth Over: The Life of Angelica Cookson Potts. 2003.
Junior High Fiction WHY
Ready for a good laugh? Meet Angelica Cookson Pots, 14-year-old gourmet cook and master of the sarcastic quip. Plus-sized Angel loves everything about food: creating recipes, cooking, and of course, eating. Unfortunately, her thin-obsessed mother "has never once eaten a whole meal," and is not about to let her daughter indulge a passion for food. Leave it to Angel's two best friends and her great sense of humor to sort it all out! The first in a series.