Books by Bruce Coville

Visit the Youth Services "Ask Here" Desk for help in finding these books by young people's  author Bruce Coville. Titles marked with  * are also available on audio.

Aliens Ate My Homework. 1993. *
J Fiction COV
Rod is surprised when a miniature spaceship lands in his school science project and reveals five tiny aliens, who ask his help in apprehending an interstellar criminal.
The A.I. Gang: Operation Sherlock. 1995.
Teen Fiction COV
Five kids get dragged to a deserted island where their parents are working on an Artificial Intelligence experiment. Soon they must try to save themselves from a horrifying death trap and the entire island from destruction at the hands of a mad bomber.
Bruce Coville’s Book of Monsters. 1996. *
J Fiction COV
This monster-filled collection of stories that will make you shiver and laugh, includes “My Little Brother is a Monster” by Bruce Coville and other tales by Jane Yolen, Patrick Bone, Laura Simms and others.
Camp Haunted Hills. (series)
J Fiction COV
This series follows Stuart in his adventures at a summer camp run by a scary movie producer. Find out what happens when a real ghost show up.
The Dragonslayers. 1994.
J Fiction COV
A brave squire, an earnest page, and a strong-willed princess set out, each for individual reasons, to try to slay the dragon created to carry out a witch’s revenge.
Fortune’s Journey. 1995.
J Fiction COV
Sixteen-year-old Jenny faces many challenges on a journey to California in 1853 with the acting company that she inherited from her father.
The Ghost in the Big Brass Bed. 1996. *
J Fiction COV
Sixth-grader Nina Tanleven and her best friend Chris discover the tower room with its big brass bed and grieving little girl ghost.
The Ghost Wore Gray. 1993. *
J Fiction COV
Nina and her friend Chris jump at the chance to go with Nina’s architect father to live in an old inn he’s restoring. The first night, they see a ghost that was believed to have hid his fortune in jewels on the property before he died, and it’s up to Nina and Chris to find it before someone else does.
I Left My Sneakers In Dimension X. 1994.
J Fiction COV
Follow Rod Allbright, a typical American boy drafted by a group of wacky alien law officers, on a new journey that is faster, funnier and weirder-but that also has a lot to say about families and what they mean to us.
I Was a Sixth Grade Alien. (series) *
J Fiction COV
After aliens decide to place their worldwide embassy in his home town, Sci-Fi buff Tim Tompkins finds himself with a new classmate named Pleskit.
Jennifer Murdley’s Toad. 1992.
J Fiction COV
When an ordinary-looking fifth grader purchases a talking toad, she embarks on a series of extraordinary adventures.
Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher. 1991. *
J Fiction COV
Small for his age but artistically talented, twelve-year-old Jeremy Thatcher unknowingly buys a dragon’s egg from the local magic shop.
The Lapsnatcher. 1997.
J Fiction COV
After he talks with an adult who was once a lapsnatcher, Jacob begins to feel differently about his new baby sister.
Magic Shop. (series) *
J Fiction COV
Strange things happen after Charlie and Jennifer purchase items from Mr. Elives, a mysterious shopkeeper.
The Monsters of Morley Manor. 2001. *
J Fiction COV
Anthony and his younger sister discover that the monster figures he got in an unusual box at an estate sale are alive, but they have no way of knowing that the “monsters” will lead them on fantastical adventures to other worlds in an effort to try to save Earth.
My Grandfather’s House. 1996.
When a child feels the cool, smooth fingers of his dead grandfather, he finally understands that Grandpa no longer lives in the house which was his body.
My Teacher is an Alien. 1989. *
J Fiction COV
Susan Simmons can tell that her new substitute teacher is really weird. She doesn’t know how weird, however, until she catches him peeling off his face and realizes “Mr. Smith” is really an alien.
Odder Than Ever. 1999.
J Fiction COV
A collection of nine short stories featuring a ghost, a goblin, a giant, and other unusual creatures.
Oddly Enough. 1997.
J Paperback Series C
A collection of nine short stories featuring an angel, unicorn, vampire, werewolf, and other unusual creatures.
Prehistoric People. 1990.
J 573.3 C
Traces the development of humans from Australopithecus to Cro-Magnon, focusing on methods of hunting and farming, artistic endeavors, religious rituals, and technological developments.
The Prince of Butterflies. 2002.
When surrounded by thousands of butterflies, eleven-year-old John becomes transformed into one of them and finds his entire life altered because of this experience.
Sarah’s Unicorn. 1979.
J Reader COV
Although she tries to keep her friendship with Oakhorn a secret, Sarah’s wicked aunt finds out and is determined to rob the unicorn of his magic.
Space Brat. (series)
J Fiction COV
Follow Blork’s many adventures on planet Splat where he encounters enemies, flirts with disaster and meets his evil twin.
Unicorn Chronicles. (series) *
J Fiction COV
Cara follows her grandmother’s cryptic instructions and winds up in Luster, the land of the unicorns.
William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. 1996.
J 822.3P7 Co
A simplified prose retold by Bruce Coville of Shakespeare’s play about the strange events that take place in a forest inhabited by fairies who magically transform the romantic fate of two young couples.
William Shakespeare’s Macbeth. 1996.
J 822.33T5 Co
A simplified prose retelling of Shakespeare’s play about a man who kills his king after hearing the prophesies of three witches.
William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. 1999.
J 822.33U3 Co
A simplified prose retold by Bruce Coville of Shakespeare’s play about two young people who defy their warring families’ prejudices and dare to fall in love.
William Shakespeare’s The Tempest. 1994.
J 822.3Q5 Co
A simplified prose retold by Bruce Coville of Shakespeare’s play about the exiled Duke of Milan who uses his magical powers to confront his enemies on an enchanted island.
William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. 2003.
J 822.33Q7 Co
A simplified prose retold by Bruce Coville of Shakespeare’s romantic comedy play involving separated twins, a woman disguised as a man, a drunken buffoon, courtship, swordplay, mistaken identity, and a practical joke.