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Picture books Nonfiction
Easy readers   Grades K-3
Easy fiction   Grades 4-8
Junior High Fiction  

Picture Books

Cronin, Doreen. Duck for President. 2004.
Youth Picture Book CRO
DiPuccio, Kelly S. Grace for President. 2008.
Youth Picture Book DIP
Krosoczka, Jarrett. Max for President. 2004.
Youth Picture Book KRO
McCully, Emily Arnold. The Ballot Box Battle. 1996.
Youth Picture Book MCC
Mitchell, Margaree King. Granddaddy's Gift. 1997.
Youth Picture Book MIT
Sisulu, Elinor. The Day Gogo Went to Vote. 1996.
Youth Picture Book SIS
Winters, Kay. My Teacher for President. 2004.
Youth Picture Book WIN

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Easy Readers

Alberto, Daisy. Pete for President! 2004.
Youth Easy Reader ALB
Hall, Kirsten. Vote for Me. 2003.
Youth Easy Reader HAL
McNamara, Margaret. Election Day. 2004.
Youth Easy Reader MCN

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Easy Fiction

Hurwitz, Johanna. Class President. 1990.
Youth Easy Fiction HUR
Roop, Peter. Grace's Letter to Lincoln. 1998.
Youth Easy Fiction ROO
Roy, Ron. A Spy in the White House. 2004.
Youth Easy Fiction ROY
Sachar, Louis. Class President. 1999.
Youth Easy Fiction SAC
Seuling, Barbara. Robert Takes a Stand. 2004.
Youth Easy Fiction SEU
Thaler, Mike. The Class Election From the Black Lagoon. 2003.
Youth Easy Fiction THA
Weiss, Ellen. Voting Rights Days. 2002.
Youth Easy Fiction WEI

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Bradley, Kimberly Brubaker. The President's Daughter. 2004.
Youth Fiction BRA
Dowell, Frances O'Roark. Phineas L. MacGuire– Gets Slimed! 2007.
Youth Easy Fiction DOW
Edwards, Nancy. Mom for Mayor. 2006.
Youth Fiction EDW
Gephart, Donna. As if Being 12¾ Isn't Bad Enough, My Mother is Running for President! 2008.
Youth Fiction GEP
Going, K.L. The Liberation of Gabriel King. 2005.
Youth Fiction GOI
Gorman, Carol. Dork on the Run. 2002.
Youth Fiction GOR
Gutman, Dan. The Kid Who Ran for President. 2001.
Youth Fiction GUT
Mills, Claudia. Dinah for President. 1992.
Youth Fiction MIL
Ryan, Pam Muñoz. Riding Freedom. 1998.
Youth Fiction RYA
Wasserman, Robin. Callie for President. 2008.
Youth Series Paperback CANDY APPLE

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Junior High Fiction

Bauer, Joan. Hope Was Here. 2000.
Junior High Fiction BAU
Howe, James. The Misfits. 2001.
Junior High Fiction HOW
Lynch, Chris. Political Timber. 1996.
Junior High Fiction LYN
Schmidt, Gary D. First Boy. 2005.
Junior High Fiction SCH
Sheldon, Dyan. My Perfect Life. 2002.
Junior High Fiction SHE
Tashjian, Janet. Vote for Larry. 2004.
Junior High Fiction TAS

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Grades K-3
Catrow, David. We the Kids: The Preamble to the Constitution of the United States. 2002.
Youth Nonfiction-Easy 342.7302 C
Christelow, Eileen. Vote! 2003.
Youth Nonfiction-Easy 324.973 C
De Capua, Sarah. Voting. 2002.
Youth Nonfiction-Easy 324.65 D
Doak, Robin. Citizenship. 2002.
Youth Nonfiction 323.60973 D
Egan, Tracie. Voting. 2004.
Youth Nonfiction 324.973 E
Fritz, Jean. Shh! We're Writing the Constitution. 1987.
Youth Nonfiction-Easy 342.73 F
Harris, Nancy. What's a President and Vice President? 2007.
Youth Nonfiction-Easy 352.23 H
Harris, Nancy. What are Elections? 2008.
Youth Nonfiction-Easy 324.973 H
Krull, Kathleen. A Woman for President. 2004.
Youth Biography B W8915 K
Murphy, Patricia J. Election Day. 2002.
Youth Easy Reader Nonfiction 324.973 M
Murphy, Patricia J. Voting and Elections. 2002.
Youth Nonfiction-Easy 324.6 M
Pascoe, Elaine. The Right to Vote. 1997.
Youth Nonfiction 324.62 P
Sanders, Mark C. Your Right to Vote. 2000.
Youth Nonfiction 324.6 S
Stier, Catherine. If I Ran for President. 2007.
Youth Nonfiction-Easy 324.70973 S
Wooldridge, Connie Nordhielm. When Esther Morris Headed West: Women, Wyoming, and the Right to Vote. 2001.
Youth Nonfiction 324.623092 W


Grades 4-8
Connolly, Sean. Right to Vote. 2006.
Youth Nonfiction 324.62 C
Davis, William. Barack Obama: The Politics of Hope. 2008.
Youth Biography B 0121da
Donovan, Sandra. Running for Office: A Look at Political Campaigns. 2004.
J 324.70973 D
Egan, Tracie. Voting. 2004.
Youth Nonfiction 324.973 E
Freedman, Russell. In Defense of Liberty. 2003.
Youth Nonfiction 342. 73085 F
Giddens-White, Bryon. National Elections and the Political Process. 2006.
Youth Nonfiction 324.60973 G
Granfield, Linda. America Votes: How Our President is Elected. 2003.
Youth Nonfiction 324. 630973 G
Hewson, Martha S. The Electoral College. 2002.
Youth Nonfiction 324.63 H
Hudson, David. The Bill of Rights: The First Ten Amendments of the Constitution. 2002.
Youth Nonfiction 324.73085 H
Landau, Elaine. The 2000 Presidential Election. 2002.
Youth Nonfiction 324.9730929 L
Maestro, Betsy. The Voice of the People: American Democracy in Action. 1996.
Youth Nonfiction 324.973 M
Steele, Philip. Vote. 2008.
Youth Nonfiction 324.973 S
St. George, Judith. So You Want to be President? 2004.
Youth Nonfiction 973.099 S
Thimmesh, Catherine. Madam President. 2004.
Youth Nonfiction 320.082 T
Wells, Catherine. Political Profiles: John McCain. 2008.
Youth Nonfiction B M1217we

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