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Picture books
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Picture Books

Argueta, Jorge. Xochitl and the Flowers. 2003.
Youth Foreign Language Picture Book Spanish ARG
Xochitl and her family miss the garden they had in El Salvador. Can they make a garden in their new home in San Francisco?
Bertrand, Diane Gonzales. The Empanadas that Abuela Made. 2003.
Youth Foreign Language Picture Book Spanish BER
This tale of a grandma making delicious treats just keeps getting longer and longer!
Dorros, Arthur. Isla. 1995.
Youth Picture Book DOR
When Rosalba's grandmother tells her stories of the island where she spent her childhood, Rosalba feels as though she is actually there.
Elya, Susan Middleton. Home at Last. 2002.
Youth Picture Book ELY
Ana wonders if America will ever feel like home.
English, Karen. Speak English for Us, Marisol! 2000.
Youth Picture Book ENG
Being the translator for the whole family can be quite a job!
Jules, Jacqueline. No English. 2007.
Youth Picture Book JUL
Second-grader Diane has a hard time communicating with a new girl from Argentina– until they decide to use drawings to talk to each other!
Miller, Elizabeth I. Just Like Home. 1999.
Youth Foreign Language Picture Book Spanish MIL
A little girl tells us the story of her first days in America. Some things are very different, but others are "just like home."
Pérez, Amada Irma. My Diary from Here to There. 2002.
Youth Foreign Language Picture Book Spanish PER
Amada's diary tells the story of her journey with her family from Juarez, Mexico to Los Angeles, California.
Russell, Barbara T. The Remembering Stone. 2004.
Youth Picture Book RUS
Ana dreams of going to Costa Rica, where Mamá was born.
Stanek, Muriel. I Speak English for My Mom. 1989.
Youth Picture Book STA
Lupe can't understand why Mama is afraid to learn English.
Ziefert, Harriet. Home for Navidad. 2003.
Youth Picture Book ZIE
Mama has been in the United States for three years, earning money to send home to Mexico. Rosa waits and waits for Mama to come home for Christmas.

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Easy Fiction

Ada, Alma Flor. My Name is Maria Isabel. 1993.
Youth Easy Fiction ADA
Maria's new teacher wants to call her Mary. How can Maria let her teacher know that Mary is not her name?
DeRubertis, Barbara. Count on Pablo. 1999.
Youth Easy Reader DER
Pablo helps Abuela pick and count out the produce from their garden to take to market. When no one wants to buy their vegetables, Pablo has a great idea!
Jiménez, Francisco. La Mariposa. 1998.
Youth Easy Fiction JIM
First-grader Francisco is miserable in school. Why? Because he can only speak Spanish, and the teacher speaks English.
Marsden, Carolyn. Mama Had to Work on Christmas. 2003.
Youth Easy Fiction MAR
Gloria's Papa has to work in the orange groves Christmas Day, and now Mama has to work too. Will Christmas be any fun at all?
Montes, Marisa. A Crazy Mixed-up Spanglish Day. 2003.
Youth Easy Fiction MON
Third-grader Gabi is proud that she can speak two languages. The only problem is that when she gets excited, she speaks the wrong one!
Montes, Marisa. No More Spanish!  2004.
Youth Easy Fiction MON
Gabi has decided she will not speak Spanish any more– not even at home. But Spanish is the only language her family speaks!
Montes, Marisa. Please Don't Go!  2004.
Youth Easy Fiction MON
Gabi's grandma has to go back to Puerto Rico– unless Gabi can figure out a way to make Abuela stay in America.
Montes, Marisa. Who's That Girl? 2003.
Youth Easy Fiction MON
¡Mira! Look! There is a new little girl living in the haunted house! Gabi and Miguelito want to make friends with her, but she is so shy. Is she a ghost?

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Delacre, Lulu. Salsa Stories: Stories and Linocuts. 2000.
Youth Fiction DEL
Carmen Teresa lives with her family in the United States, but the guests at her family's New Year's celebration are from many different Latin-American countries. She writes about them all in her new diary.
Haugaard, Kay. No Place. 1998.
Youth Fiction HAU
In 6th-grader Arturo's neighborhood in Los Angeles, there is no place for kids to play. But there is an old junkyard, just waiting to be transformed.
Johnston, Tony. Any Small Goodness: A Novel of the Barrio. 2001.
Youth Fiction JOH
Sometimes life in the barrio is hard for 11-year-old Arturo. But as Papa reminds him, if at times you cannot find enough good in your life, you must make your own.
McGinley, Jerry. Joaquin Strikes Back. 1998.
Youth Fiction MCG
Joaquin loves soccer. But at his new school in Wisconsin, the coach won't let him play. Why?
Reeve, Kirk. Lolo & Red-Legs. 1998.
Youth Fiction REE
Eleven-year-old Lolo lives in Las Lomitas, the "Little Hills" of East Los Angeles. When he finds a tarantula in an abandoned lot, Lolo decides to call her Red-Legs and make her his pet.
Ryan, Pamela Muñoz. Becoming Naomi León. 2004. *
Youth Fiction RYA
Eleven-year-old Naomi Soledad and her brother Owen live happily with their loving great-grandmother– until the day Naomi's long-absent mother unexpectedly shows up.
Soto, Gary. Off and Running. 1996.
Youth Fiction SOT
Class president candidate Miata Ramirez promises that, if elected, she will clean up the school. Her opponent is promising ice cream every day! Who would you vote for?
Taylor, Theodore. Maria: A Christmas Story. 1992.
Youth Fiction TAY
Maria wants more than anything to have the first Mexican-American float in the annual San Lazaro Christmas parade. But it costs a lot!

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Junior High

Bernardo, Anilu. Fitting In. 1996.
Junior High Fiction BER
Trying to fit into two different cultures at the same time is hard. Each of these five short stories is about Cuban-American girls who are trying to find a place among non-Latino classmates.
Canales, Viola. The Tequila Worm. 2005.
Junior High Fiction CAN
Sofia lives in the barrio, but goes to an elite American school. Where does she belong?
Chambers, Veronica. Quinceañera Means Sweet Fifteen. 2001.
Junior High Fiction CHA
Marisol and Magdalena have been best friends forever. But now, their approaching quinceañeras threaten their friendship.
Hobbs, Will. Crossing the Wire. 2006. *
Junior High Fiction HOB
Meet 15-year-old Victor, who is forced to cross the border illegally.
Jaramillo, Ann. La Línea. 2006.
Junior High Fiction JAR
Fifteen-year-old Miguel strikes out to cross la línea, the border. What he doesn't know is that his younger sister is secretly following him.
Jiménez, Francisco. The Circuit: Stories from the Life of a Migrant Child. 1997.
Junior High Fiction JIM
Francisco's family are migrant workers. All Francisco wants is a home.
Osa, Nancy. Cuba 15: A Novel. 2003.
Junior High Fiction OSA
At the insistence of her Cuban-born Grandmother, 10th-grader Violet prepares for her quinceañero– without much enthusiasm!
Resau, Laura. Red Glass. 2007.
Junior High Fiction RES
Sixteen-year-old Sophie has always been afraid of everything. She discovers what courage means on a trip to Mexico.
Ryan, Pamela Muñoz. Esperanza Rising. 2000. *
Junior High Fiction RYA
Esperanza's life of privilege in Mexico ends when her father is killed and her family must begin new lives as migrant workers in the United States.

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