Books About Peace, Non-Violence, and Tolerance
... in memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

General nonfiction
Biographies of Martin Luther King, Jr.
Other peace workers

General Nonfiction

Aaseng, Nathan. The Peace Seekers: The Nobel Peace Prize.
J 327.172 A
Adint, Victor. Working Together Against Crime. 1996.
J 364.4 A
The Big Book for Peace. 1990.
J 810.80358 B
Blue, Rose. People of Peace. 1994.
J 327.172 B
Carter, Jimmy. Talking Peace: A Vision for the Next Generation. 1995.
J 327.172 C
A Children's Chorus: Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of the Rights of the Child. 1989.
JE 323.352 C
Dolphin, Laurie. Neve Shalom=Wahat Al-Salam=[Oasis of Peace]. 1993.
J 303.482 D
Duper, Linda Leeb. 160 Ways to Help the World: Community Service Projects for Young People. 1996.
J 361.37 D
Fitzgerald, Merni Ingrassia. The Peace Corps Today. 1986.
J 361.2606073 F
Gikow, Louise. For Every Child, A Better World by Kermit the Frog. 1993.
JE 323.352 G
Jacobs, William Jay. Search for Peace: The Story of the United Nations. 1994.
J 341.23 J
Leedy, Loreen. How Humans Make Friends. 1996.
J 158.25 L
Lucas, Eileen. Peace on the Playground: Nonviolent Ways of Problem-Solving. 1991.
J 303.69 L
Meltzer, Milton. Ain't Gonna Study War No More: The Story of America's Peace Seekers. 1985.
J 327.172 M
Miller, Maryann. Working Together Against Gun Violence. 1994.
J 363.33 M
Morin, Paul. Animal Dreaming: An Aboriginal Dreamtime Story. 1998.
J 398.2452 M
Music and Drum: Voices of War and Peace, Hope and Dreams. 1997.
J 808.81 M
On the Wings of Peace. 1995.
J 808.880358 O
Peace Tales: World Folktales to Talk About. 1992.
J 398.2 P
Rue, Nancy N. Everything You Need to Know About Peer Mediation. 1997.
J 303.69 R
Scholes, Katherine. Peace Begins With You. 1989.
J 303.66 S
Schraff, Anne E. Women of Peace: Nobel Peace Prize Winners. 1994.
J 923.6 S
Spier, Peter. People. 1980.
J 155.2 S
Terkel, Susan Neiburg. People Power: A Look at Nonviolent Action and Defense. 1996.
J 303.61 T
Thomas, Shelley Moore. Somewhere Today: A Book of Peace. 1998.
J 158.3 T
Walter, Virginia A. War and Peace Literature for Children and Young Adults: A Resource Guide to Significant Issues. 1993.
J Reference 303.66 W
Ziegler, Sandra. The Child's World of Understanding. 1997.
JE 179.9 Z

Biographies of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Darby, Jean. Martin Luther King, Jr. 1990.

Greene, Carol. Martin Luther King, Jr.: A Man Who Changed Things. 1989. J Easy

Rowland, Della. Martin Luther King, Jr.: The Dream of Peaceful Revolution. 1990.

McKissack, Pat. Martin Luther King, Jr.: Man of Peace. 1991.

Schlank, Carol Hilgartner. Martin Luther King, Jr.: A Biography for Young Children. 1990.

Other Peace Workers

Amdur, Richard. Menachem Begin. 1988.

Clucas, Joan Graff. Mother Teresa. 1988.

Fradin, Dennis B. Hiawatha: Messenger of Peace. 1992.

Greene, Carol. Black Elk: A Man with a Vision. 1990.

Greene, Carol. Desmond Tutu: A Bishop of Peace. 1986.

Greene, Carol. Elie Wiesel, Messenger from the Holocaust. 1987. J Easy

McPherson, Stephanie Sammartino. Peace and Bread: The Story of Jane Addams. 1993.

Robles, Harold E. Albert Schweitzer: An Adventurer for Humanity. 1994.

Rosen, Deborah Nodler. Anwar el-Sadat: A Man of Peace. 1986.

Saunders, Susan. Margaret Mead: The World Was Her Family. 1987.

Walch, Timothy. Pope John XXIII. 1987.

Wheeler, Jill C. Coretta Scott King. 1992.


Baumann, Kurt. The Prince & the Lute.
JM Fiction
Garden, Nancy. Peace, O River.
J Fiction
Hamanaka, Sheila. All the Colors of the Earth.
JX Picture Book
Nelson, Theresa. And One for All.
J Fiction