Richard Peck Books

Following is a bibliography of many of Richard Peck's wonderful books. The annotations represent a variety of his great lines that capture readers of all kinds.

Anonymously Yours
J 818.54
"When another publisher commissioned somebody to write my biography, a friend was thunderstruck, 'Not a whole book,' he said in wonderment. That friend is in for a fresh shock now if this autobiography falls into his hands."
Are You in the House Alone?
J Fiction PEC
"When I try to remember, now that I know who it was, I wonder if there was any sound. I may have heard breathing, or it may have been my own. Every time I said hello, my voice sounded more and more hollow."
Bel-Air Bambi and the Mall Rats
J Fiction PEC
"Picture the scene. Hands — claws, maybe — draw the curtain back. A figure forms in the ghastly ruins of the room."
Blossom Culp and the Sleep of Death
J Fiction PEC
"While me and Alexander still lived beneath a ka's curse and the diggers drew nearer a pilfered tomb over Egypt, a storm cloud began to form over Bluff City High School."
Close Enough to Touch
J Fiction PEC
"Dory and I took a blanket and went down to the pier just after dark. It was Fourth of July night last summer."
Don't Look and It Won't Hurt
J Fiction PEC
"Out at the city limits, there's this sign that says: WELCOME TO CLAYPITTS, PEARL OF THE PRAIRIE, and if you'd believe that, you'd believe anything."
The Dreadful Future of Blossom Culp
J Fiction PEC
"Unless you never got out of grade school, you'll have noticed how life keeps making you start over."
Fair Weather
J Fiction PEC
"It was the last day of our old lives, and we didn't even know it."
Father Figure: A Novel
J Fiction PEC
"When my mom died, I spent a lot of time — maybe too much — trying to visualize how it happened. My kid brother, Byron, was going over it in his mind too, in his own way."
The Ghost Belonged to Me
J Fiction PEC, Cassette Fiction PEC, Large Type Fiction PEC
"At one time there was a ghost out in the brick barn on the back of our place."
Ghosts I Have Been: A Novel
J Fiction PEC
"I tell you, the world is so full of ghosts, a person wonders if there's a soul to be found on the Other Side. Or anybody snug in a quiet grave. I've seen several haunts, and been one myself."
The Great Interactive Dream Machine: Another Adventure in Cyberspace
J Fiction PEC
"Not that I was alone. I was hurting too bad to think, but somebody was in the Black Hole with me. At first I thought I knew him."
The Last Safe Place on Earth
J Fiction PEC
"He was going to tear up the Bible — rip it apart. Mother rushed at him to get the Bible back. That's all she meant. And he hit her."
A Long Way From Chicago: A Novel in Stories
J Fiction PEC, Cassette Fiction PEC, Braille Fiction PEC
"You wouldn't think we'd have to leave Chicago to see a dead body. We were growing up there back in the bad old days of Al Capone and Bugs Moran."
Lost In Cyberspace
J Fiction PEC
"When I came to, I felt a wet nose in my ear. At first I had thought it was my own nose. I thought maybe my face had been that rearranged. But out of the swelling eye on that side, I saw it was a French poodle in a plaid jacket."
Mindscapes: Poems for the Real World
J 821.9108 P
"Poetry explores the landscape of the mind, and it expands the mind, moving both writer and reader out into wider fields, all ripe for further discovery."
Princess Ashley
J Fiction PEC
"It was the best night of my life. I kept thinking that."
Remembering the Good Times
J Fiction PEC
"Trav and I almost argued once about which one of us got to Kate first. I did. I remember the day, almost the minute we met."
Representing Super Doll
J Fiction PEC
"Mama came in off the back porch, and her hands were wringing wet with blood."
Secrets of the Shopping Mall
J Fiction PEC
"'Chees', said a far-off voice behind the air vents. ' What hit me, a truck?' 'Barnie!' Teresa shrieked again, fitting her mouth up to the little slits where her forehead had just connected. 'You in there?'"
Strays Like Us
J Fiction PEC
"I came home one afternoon, and Aunt Fay was at the kitchen table. She never just sat, so she was waiting for me, and the letter was in her hand."
Those Summer Girls I Never Met
J Fiction PEC
"Ice bobs in the water, and wet beads run down my glass. I'm at the end of the dining-room table, and Mom's at the other. Call this the Last Supper."
Unfinished Portrait of Jessica
J Fiction PEC
"Not even fourteen yet. I was still days away from fourteen, and they were plodding, icebound days."
Voices After Midnight: A Novel
J Fiction PEC
"In my usual dream, I'm riding a Honda Gyro. I've got on big boots, and I'm riding thundering through the nights down interstate highways with the wind whistling in my crash helmet."
A Year Down Yonder
J Fiction PEC, Cassette Fiction PEC, Large Type Fiction PEC
"Oh, didn't I feel sorry for myself when the Wabash Railroad's Blue Bird train steamed into grandma's town."