Reading Rocks!
3rd through 5th Grade

Visit the Youth Services "Ask Here" desk for help in finding these “rock” books and others like them. Titles marked with * are available on audio.

Fiction books
Nonfiction books

Fiction Books

Adler, David A. Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the Dinosaur Bones. 1981. *
J Mystery ADL
Clifton, Lucille. The Lucky Stone. 1979.
J Easy Reader CLI
Berenstain, Stan. The Berenstain Bears at the Teen Rock Café. 1996.
J Easy Reader BER
Butterworth, Oliver. The Enormous Egg. 1956. *
J Fiction BUT
Coville, Bruce. The Dinosaur that Followed Me Home. 1990.
J Fiction COV
Dengler, Marianna T. The Worry Stone. 1996.
J Easy Reader DEN
Dixon, Franklin W. The Ghost at Skeleton Rock. 1966.
J Mystery DIX
Keene, Carolyn. The Secret at Seven Rocks. 1991.
J Paperback N
Metz, Melinda. The Case of the Rock Star’s Secret. 2000.
J Paperback A
Packard, Edward. The Mystery of Chimney Rock. 1979.
J Fiction PAC
Rowling, J. K. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. 1997. *
J Fiction ROW
Shalant, Phyllis. The Rock Star, the Rooster, & Me, the Reporter. 1990.
J Fiction SHA
Warner, Gertrude Chandler. The Dinosaur Mystery. 1995.
J Mystery WAR
Yolen, Jane. Boots and the Seven Leaguers: A Rock-and-Troll Novel. 2000.
J Fiction YOL

Nonfiction Books

Arnold, Caroline. Easter Island: Giant Stone Statues Tell of a Rich and Tragic Past. 2000. 
J 996.18 A
Chapman, Gillian. Art from Rocks and Shells: with Projects Using Pebbles, Feathers, Flotsam, and Jetsam. 1995.
J 745.584 C
Christian, Spencer. Is There a Dinosaur in Your Backyard?: The World’s Most Fascinating Fossils, Rocks, and Minerals. 1998.
J 552 C
Duke, Kate. Archaeologists Dig for Clues. 1997.
J 930 D
Gallant, Roy A. Limestone Caves. 1998.
J 551.417 G
Goodman, Susan E. Stones, Bones, and Petroglyphs: Digging into Southwest Archaeology. 1998.
J 978.827 G
Huck, Charlotte S. Toads and Diamonds. 1996.
J 398.20944 H
Lasky, Kathryn. Dinosaur Dig. 1990.
567.91 L
McGowen, Tom. Giant Stones and Earth Mounds. 2000.
J 930.14 M
San Souci, Robert D. The Secret of the Stones: A Folktale. 2000.
J 398.20973 S
VanCleave, Janice Pratt. Janice VanCleave’s Rocks and Minerals: Mind-boggling Experiments You Can Turn into Science Fair Projects. 1996.
J 552.0078 V