Reading Rocks!
6th through 8th Grade

Visit the Youth Services "Ask Here" desk for help in finding these “rock” books and others like them. Titles marked with * are available on audio.

Fiction books
Nonfiction books

Fiction Books

Carter, Alden R. Between a Rock and a Hard Place. 1995.
Jr. High Fiction CAR
Crossley-Holland, Kevin. The Seeing Stone. 2001.
Jr. High Fiction CRO
Cross, Gillian. Chartbreaker. 1986.
Jr. High Fiction CRO
Davis, Terry. If Rock and Roll Were a Machine. 1992.
J Fiction DAV
Hobbs, Will. Jason’s Gold. 1999.
J Fiction HOB
Howarth, Lesley. The Pits. 1996.
J Science Fiction HOW
Kittleman, Laurence R. Canyons Beyond the Sky. 1985.
J Fiction KIT
McCaughrean, Geraldine. The Stones are Hatching. 1999.
J Fiction MCC
Myers, Edward. Climb or Die. 1994.
J Fiction MYE
Powell, Randy. Tribute to Another Dead Rock Star. 1999.
J Fiction POW
Sachar, Louis. Holes. 1998.
J Fiction SAC
Stanley, Diane. A Time Apart. 1999.
J Fiction STA
Strasser, Todd. Rock ‘n’ Roll Nights: A Novel. 1982.
J Mystery STR
Sweeney, Joyce. Piano Man. 1992.
J Fiction SWE
Zindel, Paul. The Doom Stone. 1995. *
J Science Fiction ZIN

Nonfiction Books

Arnold, Caroline. Stories in Stone: Rock Art Pictures by Early Americans. 1996. 
J 709.01 A
Avi-Yonah, Michael. Dig This!: How Archaeologists Uncover Our Past. 1993.
J 930.1 A
George-Warren, Holly. Shake, Rattle & Roll: The Founders of Rock & Roll. 2001.
J 781.660922 G
Giblin, James. The Riddle of the Rosetta Stone: Key to Ancient Egypt. 1990.
J 493.1 G
Horenstein, Sidney S. Rocks Tell Stories. 1993.
J 552 H
Jespersen, James. Mummies, Dinosaurs, Moon Rocks: How We Know How Old Things Are. 1996.
J 930.10285 J
La Pierre, Yvette. Native American Rock Art: Messages From the Past. 1994.
J 709.0113 L
Powell, Stephanie. Hit Me with Music: How to Start, Manage, Record, and Perform with Your Own Rock Band. 1995.
J 781.66023 P
Ross, Dan. The Story of the Wrestler They Call “The Rock”. 2001.
JB R6820ro
Scheller, William. Amazing Archaeologists and Their Finds. 1994.
J 925 S
Woog, Adam. The History of Rock and Roll. 1999.
J 781.6609 W