Science Fiction
... for grades 3 and 4

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Asch, Frank. Star Jumper: Journal of a Cardboard Genius. 2006.
Youth Fiction ASC
Alex has had it with his pesky little brother. Then he comes up with the perfect solution: design and build a spaceship and leave Earth — and his brother behind!
Benton, Jim. Lunch Walks Among Us. 2003.
Youth Easy Fiction BEN
Franny K. Stein is a born scientist. Experiments are her life! In fact, her room is filled with snakes, bats, and test-tubes. When a kind teacher suggests that Franny use her scientific mind to make friends with some of the other girls, Franny comes up with a special friendship potion- that backfires!
Brown, Jeff. Stanley in Space. 2003. *
Youth Easy Fiction BRO
It seems that Stanley's remarkable traveling abilities have earned him quite a reputation! His latest adventure begins with a phone call from none other than the president of the United States , who is looking for someone to man a new top-secret spaceship.
Bunting, Eve. Wanna Buy an Alien? 2000.
Youth Easy Fiction BUN
For his 11th birthday, Ben's friend Jason has sent him a very strange present: a box containing, among other things, a letter from an alien. Just a joke, right? Wrong.
Coville, Bruce. Aliens Ate My Homework. 1993.
Youth Fiction COV
Rod Albright is one of those kids who just can't tell a lie. So when he tells his teacher that aliens ate last night's math assignment, he's not kidding!
Cox, Judy. That Crazy Eddie and the Science Project of Doom. 2005.
Youth Easy Fiction COX
If you've ever entered a science fair, you'll love this story of two friends and their science project. Matt is determined to win this year! To help him, he enlists his best friend Eddie, who always comes up with wild and unusual ideas. But when Eddie announces that their project will be a plain old volcano, Matt erupts with anger!
Crilley, Mark. Akiko on the Planet Smoo. 2000.
Youth Fiction CRI
Fourth-grader Akiko receives a mysterious letter telling her to be at her window at night — and bring a toothbrush! What can it mean?
Daley, Michael J. Space Station Rat. 2005.
Youth Fiction DAL
Rat is no ordinary rodent. She's a highly intelligent laboratory rat who escapes from her cage and stows away on an orbiting space station. Also on board is Jeff, the only kid on the station, who spends his days bored and getting into trouble while his scientist parents conduct experiments in space. When the rat and boy meet, an amazing friendship develops.
Etra, Jonathan. Aliens for Breakfast. 1988.
Youth Easy Fiction ETR
At breakfast one morning, Richard finds that tucked inside his Alien Crisp cereal box is- an alien. Dorf is his name, and he has come to earth to save our planet from an evil alien race. The problem is, he's forgotten how!
Greenberg, Dan. Zap! I'm a Mind Reader! 1996.
Youth Series Paperback ZACK FILES
After a bizarre electrical accident in science class, Zack is able to read other people's minds.
Greenburg, J.C. Andrew Lost: On the Dog. 2002.
Youth Easy Fiction GRE
Ten-year-old Andrew invents a shrinking machine only to find that it works a little too well!
Greer, Gery. Let Me Off This Spaceship! 1991.
Youth Easy Fiction GRE
Tod and Billy are accidentally beamed aboard an alien craft while playing in the park. The captain of the ship assures them he will take them back to earth just as soon as he has completed his mission- in 30 years!
Howe, James. It Came From Beneath the Bed! 2002. *
Youth Easy Fiction HOW
If you've ever read the Bunnicula books, you know that they are laugh-out-loud funny, full of suspense, and told by Harold, the Monroe family dog. In this tale, Harold's nephew Howie takes up the pen, telling the story of a teddy bear gone horribly wrong when it accidentally swallows some of Pete Monroe's science project solution.
King-Smith, Dick. Harriet's Hare. 1995.
Youth Fiction KIN
One summer day Harriet, who lives on a farm with her dad, meets Wiz, a rabbit who is not at all what he appears to be. Read and find out who Wiz really is!
Korman, Gordon. Nosepickers from Outer Space. 1999.
Youth Easy Fiction KOR
All the other kids have the coolest foreign exchange students living with them. But Stan, Devin's exchange student, is downright embarrassing! He wears a tie, has a hideous crewcut- and why is he always sticking his finger up his nose in public? Then Devin discovers the answer: there's a computer in Stan's nose!
Miller, Wiley. The Extraordinary Adventures of Ordinary Basil. 2006.
Youth Fiction MIL
Twelve-year-old Basil is bored with his quiet life living in a lighthouse on the Maine coast. Then one day a mysterious stranger in a hot air balloon appears outside the window and invites him on board. Basil is thrilled. But where is the balloon headed?
Mould, Chris. Frankenstein. 1997.
Youth Fiction MOU
If you like comic books, you'll like this graphic retelling of the classic story of Dr. Frankenstein and his man-made monster, who once assembled, develops a mind of his own.
Osborne, Mary Pope. Midnight on the Moon. 1996.
Youth Easy Fiction OSB
If you’re a Magic Tree House fan, you won’t want to miss this one! In their search for the fourth thing that begins with the letter M, Jack and Annie find themselves on board a moon base in the year 2031!
Pinkwater, Daniel. Mush, a Dog from Space. 1995.
Youth Easy Fiction PIN
Even though Kelly wants a dog more than anything, her parents have laid down the law. There is not a dog on earth that they will allow in their nice clean house. But how about one from space?
Scieszka, John. 2095. 1995.
Youth Easy Fiction SCI
The Time Warp Trio is back- to the future! Join Joe, Fred and Sam as they explore the world of 2095, and even meet their own grandchildren!
Slote, Alfred. My Robot Buddy. 1986.
Youth Fiction SLO
Can a robot be a real friend? Jack hopes so. He needs a best friend, and convinces his parents to buy Danny, who turns out to be unusual, even for a robot!
Spinner, Stephanie. Be First in the Universe. 2000.
Youth Fiction SPI
Nine-year-old twins Tessa and Todd are spending the summer with their grandparents. On a trip to the mall, they discover a little shop that seems to appear only occasionally and is run by a decidedly strange man. His skin seems way too smooth, and his hands seem to have more than ten fingers! Could he be an alien?
Vande Velde, Vivian. Smart Dog. 1998.
Youth Fiction VAN
Fifth-grader Amy is unhappy and unpopular. Then one morning on her way to school, she is approached by a dog. The dog doesn't bark, though- he talks! In perfect English, he explains that he is an experimental dog who has been given intelligence and speech in a university lab- and he needs Amy's help.