Science Fiction
... for grades 7 and 8

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Anderson, M.T. Feed. 2002. *
Junior High Fiction AND
Welcome to the future, where parents can choose their babies' characteristics before conception, teens travel to the moon for fun, and computers are obsolete: information is now wired directly into your brain through a "feed." Titus, a typical teen, loves his feed. After all, having a feed means you no longer have to think for yourself! But then he meets Violet, who doesn't have a feed- and everything changes.
Bechard, Margaret. Spacer and Rat. 2005.
Junior High Fiction BEC
Jack works in a bar on Freedom Station, a stopping-off place in outer space which provides travelers with food, shelter and ship repair. Jack and his friends think of voyagers from earth as "rats," deserting a planet they have ruined to colonize new planets. But then Jack meets an earthling named Kit, who changes his opinion of people from Earth.
Card, Orson Scott. Ender's Game. 1991. *
Junior High Fiction CAR
Six-year-old Andrew "Ender" Wiggin is a military genius. He has been bred and groomed to become a general in the perpetual war against the "Buggers," a hostile alien race bent on destroying Earth. Ender is brilliant at warfare games- but how will he do when he meets the enemy for real?
Farmer, Nancy. The House of the Scorpion. 2002. *
Junior High Fiction FAR
Matteo Alacran was born to a poor family in Mexico, but he is really a clone of El Patron, a powerful drug lord. As Matt grows, he begins to discover his origins, and what El Patron's plans are for him.
Haddix, Margaret Peterson. Found. 2008. *
Youth Fiction HAD
Margaret Peterson Haddix is a master of suspense, and her newest series, The Missing, is no exception. In the first volume, an airlines gate agent notices that an unscheduled plane has arrived at the gate across the corridor. When she goes to investigate, she finds that the plane has no pilot and no cabin crew. But the plane is full of passengers — very unusual passengers.
Halam, Ann. Dr. Franklin's Island. 2002.
Junior High Fiction HAL
A plane carrying 50 teen science contest winners crashes on a remote island. Only three of them survive the crash, and they soon discover that the island is inhabited by a mad scientist who is anxious to experiment on human subjects.
Klass, David. Firestorm. 2006. *
Junior High Fiction KLA
Seventeen-year-old Jack Danielson’s parents have always told him not to stand out, not to excel, not to attract attention. When Jack wins his high school’s football game by rushing for three hundred forty yards, a new league record, his parents are not proud, they’re nervous. When they discover his amazing feat has made it onto a local TV news show, they’re terrified. Without a word, his father hurries Jack into the car and takes off at breakneck speed. What can it all mean?
Lawrence, Michael. A Crack in the Line. 2003.
Junior High Fiction LAW
Here is a tale of alternate realities. Sixteen-year-old Alaric grieves for his mother, who died two years ago. But he discovers that placing his hands on a small artifact of hers transports him into a parallel universe where she is very much alive. How could these two realities exist at the same time?
Ness, Patrick. The Knife of Never Letting Go. 2008.
Junior High Fiction NES
Twelve-year-old Todd Hewitt lives on a planet that was colonized by people looking for a better life, but it hasn’t worked out that way. Evil dictators now control everyone and everything. What’s even worse: all thoughts can be heard by everyone. One month before Todd reaches the age of thirteen, his parents suddenly tell him he is in grave danger, and must run away forever. Confused, scared, and carrying only a map, a book and a knife, Todd stumbles into the wilderness. What is this all about? And what will he find?
Patterson, James. The Angel Experiment. 2005. *
Junior High Fiction PAT
Raised in laboratory cages along with five other kids, 14-year-old Max is 98 percent human and 2 percent bird. That's right! Max and her friends can fly! They will need their wings, because having escaped from the lab, they are being pursued by evil mutants who are bent on destroying them.
Pearson, Mary E. The Adoration of Jenna Fox. 2008. *
Junior High Fiction PEA
Jenna Fox wakes up from a year-long coma and finds that a lot has changed while she’s been unconscious. Her family has moved across the country, her once adoring grandmother doesn’t seem to want anything to do with her, and there are whole pieces of her life she just can’t remember. What is going on?
Pfeffer, Susan Beth. Life As We Knew It. 2006. *
Junior High Fiction PFE
Sixteen-year-old Miranda is mildly interested in the news reports that predict an asteroid colliding with the moon — but not as interested as she is in the fact that she doesn’t have a prom date. Then the asteroid hits, and her life is changed forever.
Pratchett, Terry. Only You Can Save Mankind. 2004.
Junior High Fiction PRA
It's just an ordinary afternoon for 12-year-old John Maxwell. He's playing a computer game involving a space battle with aliens called ScreeWees, and as usual, he's winning. Suddenly a message from the ScreeWees appears on the screen. Looking through the game manual, John realizes that no such message exists in the game.
Reeve, Philip. Mortal Engines. 2003.
Junior High Fiction REE
In the Europe of the future, cities have become moving predators, constantly roaming the earth to devour each other in a process called Municipal Darwinism. When the giant city of London runs out of prey, the Lord Mayor sets his sights on the cities of Asia, and develops a brutal weapon to accomplish his task.
Shusterman, Neal. The Dark Side of Nowhere. 1997. *
Junior High Fiction SHU
High school freshman Jason Miller wishes with all his might that just one unusual thing would happen in his dull, predictable town. His wish is granted in ways he never dreamed possible, beginning with his discovery that the monthly shots his doctor has been giving him all his life are not given to everyone. Only a selected few kids get them. Why?
Shusterman, Neal. Downsiders. 1999.
Junior High Fiction SHU
The Downsiders live in a vast subterranean metropolis underneath New York City. They are forbidden to ever go to the "Topside," but Talon is forced to venture aboveground when his desperately ill sister needs medicine. In the world of the Topsiders he meets and befriends Lindsay- and against all the rules, shows her his world.
Skurzynski, Gloria. The Virtual War. 1997.
Junior High Fiction SKU
Fourteen-year-old Corgan is a genetically engineered soldier, programmed to fight a virtual war between the superpowers of the world. With the help of his team-mates, Sharla and Brig, Corgan begins to discover that the world he is fighting for is not what it seems.
Stahler, David Jr. Truesight. 2004.
Junior High Fiction STA
Harmony Station is a planet that was colonized by people who believed that vision hinders true perception. The founders therefore had themselves genetically altered, depriving all their descendants of sight. But as he approaches his thirteenth birthday, Jacob finds that his sight is returning, and he begins to see more about Harmony Station than just his physical surroundings.
Stephens, J.B. The Big Empty. 2004.
Junior High Fiction STE
A deadly virus has destroyed over half of the human race. The United States is now ruled by martial law, which dictates that the population must live on the coasts, away from The Big Empty, the center of the continent. Seven teens join forces to find out why.
Weaver, Will. Memory Boy. 2001.
Junior High Fiction WEA
The year is 2008, two years after Mount Rainier has exploded, raining deadly ash over much of the world. The air is so polluted that cars and electricity are banned, food is scarce, and people fight each other for the few resources that remain. Sixteen-year-old Miles Newell and his family decide to leave their home in crowded, crime-ridden Minneapolis for their cabin in the woods.