Sports Easy Readers

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Adler, David A. Young Cam Jansen and the Baseball Mystery. 1999.
J Easy Reader ADL
Cam Jansen and her friends meet in the park to play baseball, but when their ball gets lost, it looks like the game may be over. Cam has a picture in her head of everything she has seen, and she says "click" whenever she wants to remember something. Cam and her friends then work together to solve the mystery of the missing baseball.
Book, Rita. My Soccer Mom from Mars. 2001.
J Easy Reader BOO
Ryan loves to play soccer and his mom loves to watch him play. Unfortunately, Ryan's mother embarrasses him with her enthusiastic cheering which sometimes causes him to mess up on the field. Ryan then comes up with a plan to trick his mom so she won't come to the next game.
Brimner, Larry Dane. Cowboy Up!. 1999.
J Easy Reader BRI
This easy reader presents a rhyming look at a cowboy's day at the rodeo and has bright illustrations on every page, some of which are cleverly enclosed in lariats.
Brimner, Larry Dane. The Big Tee Ball Game. 2001.
J Easy Reader BRI
It was the last inning of the big tee ball game and the score was tied. Gabby and the other Corner Kids were on their way to the field with the rest of their team, the Bobcats. The other team, the Cubs, was unbeaten, but Gabby had a plan to make sure that their team would win. After the game, Gabby realizes that cheating is not the best way to win and confesses, causing her team to forfeit the game.
Cole, Joanna. Norma Jean, Jumping Bean. 1987.
J Easy Reader COL
Norma Jean the kangaroo loved to jump so much that her friends called her a "jumping bean." Her enthusiastic jumping sometimes causes problems: she knocks down frog Neal's tower of blocks, spills pig Sara's milk, bounces Ted the bear off the seesaw and splashes a porcupine named Amy out of her pool. After a mean comment from a friend, Norma Jean declares that she will no longer be a jumping bean -- not even for the jumping events at Field Day.
Cowley, Joy. Agapanthus Hum and the Eyeglasses. 1999.
J Easy Reader COW
Agapanthus Hum was a running, cartwheeling, humming whirlwind. But when she goes flying, so do her eyeglasses. Not even wearing a bag on her head when she flips over helps. But after a visit to the circus, she learns how a real acrobat keeps her glasses on!
Foster, Kelli C. Frog Knows Best. 1992.
J Easy Reader FOS
T.J. Frog, who lives in a bog, tries to give advice to two joggers, a dog, and a hog about the dangers of jogging in the fog.
Heiligman, Deborah. Mike Swan, Sink or Swim. 1998.
J Easy Reader HEI
It's time for Mike Swan's first swimming lesson, but Mike doesn't want to go. He's afraid of the water. What if there are alligators? What if there's a hole in the pool and he swims to China? His best friend Lizzie tries to help, but she already knows how to swim. His Dad offers an ice cream treat as a reward. But it's really Mike's own determination -- along with inspiration from a peanut butter and baloney sandwich -- that keeps him afloat when his only choice is to sink or swim.
Hoban, Lillian. Arthur's Birthday Party. 1999.
J Easy Reader HOB
Arthur is having a gymnastics birthday party at his play set. There will be balancing and tumbling and rope climbing. There will even be prizes for the best gymnasts. Norman is practicing on his trampoline, Violet and Wilma are working together on their tumbling, but Arthur is so sure he'll win the prize for best all-around gymnast that he doesn't even bother to practice.
Inches, Alison. Corduroy's Hike. 2001.
J Easy Reader INC
Corduroy sneaks into Lisa's backpack when she goes on a hiking trip with her class and has quite an adventure when he gets lost along the trail. How can he find her before she goes home?
Johnson, Mildred D. Wait, Skates!. 1999.
J Easy Reader JOH
A boy putting on roller skates for the first time must make them wait until they are ready to go straight.
Kessler, Leonard. Here Comes the Strikeout. 1978. *
J Easy Reader KES
Bobby loves to play baseball. He can run the bases fast. He can also slide and catch the ball. But the one thing Bobby just can't do is hit the ball. He has never hit the ball! Bobby changes from an "easy out" to a game-winning hitter with the help of a friend and a lot of hard work.
Kessler, Leonard. Kick, Pass, and Run. 1966, 1996.
J Easy Reader KES
After observing a boy's football game, a group of animals organizes its own teams and game. This classic book includes some of the special terms and plays of football, along with all of the fun and excitement of the game.
Kessler, Leonard. Old Turtle's Soccer Team. 1988.
J Easy Reader KES
Under Old Turtle's guidance, the animals' team learns how to play soccer and the meaning of good sportsmanship.
Maccarone, Grace. The Gym Day Winner. 1996.
J Easy Reader MAC
During gym at school, Sam is always the slowest and the clumsiest, but a great basketball shot turns him into the hero of the day.
Marzollo, Claudio. Kenny and the Little Kickers. 1992.
J Easy Reader MAR
It's the first day of soccer and even though Kenny the badger feels shy and out of place, he agrees to try the game. After several mishaps he asks to go home, but his Dad encourages him to keep trying. Kenny then scores an exciting goal and quickly begins to love the game.
Marzollo, Jean and Marzolla, Dan. Basketball Buddies. 1998.
J Easy Reader MAR
Paul is not much of a basketball player in spite of being tall. Although he's not sure how to take it when the kids at school call him "Too-Tall Paul," he realizes that his teammates like him and want to help him play well. After an extra practice, he helps the team win the big game and receives the trophy for the Most Improved Player.
Mayer, Mercer. Play Ball. 2002.
J Easy Reader MAY
Little Critter tries his hand at a variety of sports, including baseball, basketball, and soccer, while his dog Blue does his best to keep up.
McKissack, Robert. Try Your Best. 2004.
J Easy Reader MCK
When Ann worries that she is not good enough to participate in Sports Day, her teacher encourages her to try her best, and she ends up having a great time.
McPhail, David M. The Great Race. 1997.
J Easy Reader MCP
All of the barnyard animals were bored. Cow, duck, goose, rooster, pig, and dog decide to hold a race to see who is the fastest. See how the lead changes as they trip down the hill and run through the mud on their way to the gate.
Mills, Claudia. Gus and Grandpa at Basketball. 2001.
J Easy Reader MIL
Gus enjoys basketball practice, but the noise and pace of real games bother him. With his parents watching and everyone shouting what to do, he is so nervous that he messes up. Then Grandpa comes to the last game and gives Gus some good advice.
Papademetriou, Lisa. Lucky Me!. 1999.
J Easy Reader PAP
Ted is embarrassed by his unusual grandmother but when she takes him to a ballgame and helps him catch a home run ball, he decides she's pretty cool after all.
Schecter, Ellen. Swim Like a Fish. 1997.
J Easy Reader SCH
Annie can't swim and is afraid of the water. But with her mother's help and a little imagination she is quickly floating like a fish, paddling like a puppy, diving like a dolphin, and sneaking around in the water like a shark.
Stevenson, James. The Mud Flat Olympics. 1994.
J Easy Reader STE
A group of animal friends are holding their own Olympic games on the mud flat, and all are determined to win. The animals compete in events such as the Deepest Hole Contest, the Smelliest Skunk Contest, the All-Snail High Hurdles, and the River-Cross Freestyle, with surprising results. At the end of the competition, the animals all gather for a picnic and have ice cream for dessert.
Sweeney, Jacqueline. Critter Day. 2001.
J Easy Reader SWE
Sunday is Critter Day and this time the owls are in charge of the games that the forest animals play. Watch as the animals compete in events such as Leaf Slide, Apple Roll, Pine Climb, and Pond Race! Who wins? They all do, of course!