Chicago Wolves Reading Program Kick-Off with Jeff Dessner
March 5, 2002

Wow! What a night! You could feel the excitement throughout the Library when Chicago Wolves defenseman Jeff Dessner made a special visit to kick off the Chicago Wolves Reading Program. Jeff talked about how much he enjoys reading and shared with us a little-known secret: While his teammates might snooze on the team bus between games, Jeff likes to read. Jeff also handed out raffle prizes and helped one lucky child suit up in official Chicago Wolves hockey gear!

photo of Jeff Dessner and Brandon
Jeff Dessner and Brandon

After the presentation, Jeff spent some time signing autographs and visiting with the children and their families. Check out the pictures and see for yourself!

Pssst... here are some other little known facts about Jeff Dessner:

  • Nickname: Des
  • Favorite food: pizza
  • Favorite TV show: Seinfeld
  • Favorite movie: "Tommy Boy"
  • Favorite actors: Adam Sandler, Rene Russo
  • Favorite quote: "It's a great day for hockey."
  • Favorite holiday: his birthday
  • Favorite city: Chicago
  • If Jeff could be playing any other professional sport, it would be: baseball
  • Favorite hockey team growing up: Chicago Blackhawks
  • When not playing hockey, Jeff likes to: watch movies, play mini-golf