Chicago Wolves Reading Program Kick-Off with Ben Simon
March 3, 2003

A Midwestern winter was in full swing when Ben Simon made a special visit to Skokie Public Library to kick off the 2003 Chicago Wolves Reading Program. Around eighty kids and families gathered in the Petty Auditorium for casual conversation about books, reading, and what it's like to be a hockey star. photo of Ben Simon and IgraOne lucky child suited up in full hockey gear, and everyone was invited to spend some time with Ben for autographs and photos.

We learned a lot about Ben during his visit to the Library:

  • Ben's mom is a children's librarian
  • Ben's favorite childhood author was Matt Christopher
  • Ben's current favorite author is John Grisham
  • Ben was 4 years old when he put on his first pair of skates
  • When Ben retires from hockey, he would like to be a teacher or a coach
  • Ben's favorite cereal growing up was Frosted Flakes
  • Ben's first job was as a golf caddy
  • Ben's favorite school subject is math
  • Ben's least favorite school subject is history
  • Ben's favorite Star Wars character is the Ewoks
  • Ben's favorite quote: "Luck is when preparation meets opportunity"

Check out the pictures of Ben and his fans enjoying an evening at the Library!