Shuttle Columbia STS-107
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On Saturday, February 1, 2003, at approximately 8:00am central standard time, the Space Shuttle Columbia fell apart in the sky just sixteen minutes before its scheduled landing at Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

shuttleOn board were seven crewmembers, including the first-ever native Indian and Israeli astronauts.

The following websites will help you find news and information about Space Shuttle Columbia including crew profiles and interviews, mission highlights, and up-to-the-minute information about the tragedy, investigation, and recovery.

NASA Statement on Loss of Communications with Columbia February 1, 2003
The NASA news release that first describes what happened when Mission Control lost contact with Columbia.
A Statement from the Families of Space Shuttle Columbia
A brief public statement from the families whose loved ones died aboard Columbia. Space Shuttle Columbia and Her Crew
The official NASA website provides up-to-date news, alerts, and information about Columbia STS-107.
NASA Human Space Flight: STS-107
A collection of facts and information about Columbia including crew profiles and preflight interviews, mission timeline and highlights, preflight photos, and news updates. Special Report - Lost: Space Shuttle Columbia
From the CNN website, this Special Report about Columbia includes many links to current news, information, videos, and photos.
World News Network: Space Centre
Browse this world news website to find out how people around the world are feeling, reacting, and reporting about the loss of Space Shuttle Columbia.