Voice of Youth Award Books 2003-2004
3rd and 4th grades

Avi. Poppy. 1995.
Dimwood Forest is ruled by the owl, Mr. Ocax. All mice in the woods have been warned to fear him. One night two mice, Poppy and Ragweed, venture out against these warnings. Poppy wants to dance in the moonlight, but Ragweed has more dangerous plans.
Betsy Byars. Tornado. 1996.
When a tornado comes near the family farm, Pete, the farmhand, gathers everyone in the cellar except the father, who’s caught in the cornfield. Peter entertains the family in the cellar with tales of his dog, Tornado, who blew into his life, doghouse and all, during another tornado.
Ann Cameron. The Stories Julian Tells. 1981.
Julian likes to tell tall tales, especially to his younger brother, Huey. He claims that a catalog is where cats come from and fig leaves will make you grow taller. More often than not, Julian’s tales lead to trouble for these brothers.
Margaret Peterson Haddix. The Girl with 500 Middle Names. 2001.
Janie Sams is the new kid at a school where all the other kids are from families with more money than hers. She decides to do something totally unexpected in order to stand out among all the other kids.
Dick King-Smith. The Three Terrible Trins. 1994.
The three terrible trins are raised to avenge their father’s death. When they are old, fit, and brave enough, they begin a campaign of terror aimed at the two house cats. It will take the help of four different mouse clans to pull it off.
Lois Lowry. Attaboy, Sam! 1992.
Sam is planning on giving his mother homemade perfume for her birthday. To make it, he gathers all of her favorite smells in Ziploc bags and stores them in his room. He collects pipe tobacco, freshly washed hair, chicken soup, yeasty bread, new baby, and more. The stash in his toybox is starting to stink!
Candice F. Ransom. Fire in the Sky. 1997.
Stenny isn’t the most popular guy in his class. In an effort to get attention from his class mates, he lies about a planned tour of an airship, the Hindenburg. When he sneaks away from home to view the landing area, he finds himself caught in the horror of the Hindenburg going up in flames. Will he be courageous and help or turn and go home?
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George Selden. The Cricket in Times Square. 1960.
Chester Cricket is transported to New York City’s Times Square via a picnic basket where he meets Tucker Mouse and Harry Cat. He takes up residence in the Bellinis’ newsstand where he meets a young boy named Mario. The four friends try to save the nearly bankrupt newsstand.
James Solheim. It’s Disgusting—and We Ate It!: True Food Facts From Around the World—and Throughout History! 1998.
All the foods in this book are taken from the diets of real people. Would you eat them? Try some fried termites for breakfast, corn fungus for lunch, whole mouse stew for dinner, and top it all off with a dessert of pigeon pate!
Barbara Brooks Wallace. The Twin in the Tavern. 1993.
Taddy is orphaned with only these words from his dying uncle, “find your twin and you wil know who you are.” When he goes to work at the Mainyard mansion he finds a boy who looks just like him. Can this be the mysterious twin he’d been told about?