Voice of Youth Award Books 2003-2004
7th and 8th grades

Bruce Brooks. The Moves Make the Man. 1984.
When Jerome first meets Bix, an unlikely friendship begins. Jerome is teaching Bix how to play basketball, but Bix refuses to make any fake moves. Bix’s stepfather is a fake and he and Bix don’t get along.
Caroline B. Cooney. The Face on the Milk Carton. 1990.
While sitting at the lunch table with her friends like every other school day, Janie happened to look down at the picture of a missing child on a milk carton. She recognized the face as her own, but the caption read that the 3 year old had been kidnapped 12 years before. Janie’s parents love her. They couldn’t have kidnapped her, could they?
Barbara Ware Holmes. Following Fake Man. 2001.
Homer’s father died when he was two and his mother won’t talk about it. Homer wants to know things about his father and finally gets a chance to ask questions on an unexpected trip to Maine where his father lived. But he has to get his answers from a stranger.
Gail Carson Levine. Ella Enchanted. 1997.
Ella was blessed by a fairy at birth, or rather cursed as she sees it. She must obey any order given to her, no matter how silly or dangerous. When Ella is put in a Cinderella situation with wicked stepsisters, she decides to take her fate into her own hands and goes on a quest to break the curse.
Jack London. White Fang. 1933.
From the moment he is born, White Fang is different than all the other wolves in his tribe. He is taken by a tribe of Indians and treated badly. He is encouraged to be vicious and ends up being passed from one bad home to another for much of his life. When he is taken in by a kind man he’s not sure how to respond to the friendship being offered.
Carolyn Meyer. Mary, Bloody Mary. 1999.
When 11-year-old Mary is betrothed to the middle-aged king of France, she puts on a tough act of bravery. She has been trained by her father not to weep in public for fear of what he may do to her. When her father denounces his marriage to Mary’s mother, her life goes from riches to rags as she is returned to court to survive his violent reign.
Ben Mikaelsen. Touching Spirit Bear. 2001.
After committing one too many crimes, Cole Matthews is given a choice of punishment. He can either go to prison for a year or participate in the Native American Circle Justice. Cole chooses the Circle Justice and is taken to a remote Alaskan Island where he is attacked by a spirit bear. The Circle Justice will either destroy his life or save his soul.
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Gary Paulsen. Guts: The True Stories Behind Hatchet and the Brian Books. 2001.
What could make more fascinating reading than the popular Brian saga? The answer is the true stories of plane crashes, moose attacks, hunting and fishing and eating extreme salvage to avoid starvation, all of which Paulsen has encountered in his many years of outdoor living and surviving.
Philip Pullman. I Was a Rat! 2000.
Did you ever wonder what happened to the rat Cinderella turned into a footman? He got trapped in the boy form. The press makes him out to be a miniature freak and the public decides that he should be killed. Only three people believe his version of the Cinderella story. Is this enough to save him?
Wendelin Van Draanen. Flipped. 2001.
Juli has flipped for Bryce. Bryce on the other hand is horrified by Juli’s infatuation of him. As the two neighbors grow into their teen years, Juli starts to see beyond Bryce’s dazzling eyes and she doesn’t like what she finds. Bryce, however, has flipped for Juli. Did Bryce miss his opportunity?