Voice of Youth Award Books 2006-2007
5th and 6th grades

Avi. Midnight Magic. 1999.
The year is 1491 in the Kingdom of Pergamontio, Italy. It's a stormy night and someone knocks on servant boy Fabrizio's door. It's a soldier and he beckons Mangus to the King's castle. Fabrizio is mystified; after all, Mangus is under house arrest for confessing to being a magician. Magic, though, is exactly what the king hopes will save his precious daughter, who claims to have seen a ghost.
Cooper, Susan. The Dark is Rising. 1973.
On the eve of his 11th birthday, everything in Will Stanton's life begins to change. The animals on his family's farm are suddenly afraid of him. The radio won't work whenever he comes near it, his normally jovial neighbor, Mr. Dawson, gives Will a metal talisman for protection, telling him that "tomorrow will be beyond imagining." When Will awakens on his birthday, he finds that Mr. Dawson was right.
Lewis, C.S. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. 1991.
Four children discover that the back of a wardrobe in an old English country house is actually a gateway to Narnia, a magical land of talking animals and mythical creatures. But the land is under an evil spell, which condemns it to eternal winter.
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Napoli, Donna Jo. Three Days. 2001.
When her father suddenly collapses at the wheel while the two are on a trip to Italy, 11-year-old Jackie is petrified. She does not even know the word "help" in Italian. But things get worse: the two men she thought were finally helping her are really kidnappers. Is Jackie ever going to see her mother again?
Park, Linda Sue. The Kite Fighters. 2000.
Seoul, Korea, 1473: Two brothers each bring their own talent to the popular sport of kite flying: Young-sup is great at sensing the winds and flying kites; Kee-sup's talent is kite construction. After watching them practice one day, the boy-king asks Kee-sup to build him a kite "fit for a king." Kee-sup gets to work and is proud of his dragon creation flecked with real gold paint. In the meantime, Young-sup practices his kite flying skills, determined to win the New Year's contest. Who will get the honor to fly the king's kite?
Pearsall, Shelley. Trouble Don't Last. 2002.
Samuel, an 11-year-old Kentucky slave, is pulled out of bed one morning by Harrison, a fellow slave who has helped raise him after his parents were sold. He finds himself on the run, trying to escape north to Canada. Life along the Underground Railroad turns out to be much harder than Samuel ever could have expected.
Pinkwater, D. Manus. The Hoboken Chicken Emergency. 1977.
It is Thanksgiving morning and something has gone terribly wrong at Murphy's Meat Market: the Bobowicz's Thanksgiving turkey reservation has been lost! Desperate, Arthur Bobowicz looks all over town and finally finds the only poultry left in all of Hoboken-– a chicken. There is only one slight problem-– this chicken weighs 266 pounds!
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Ryan, Pam Muñoz. Becoming Naomi León. 2004.
Half-Mexican Naomi Soledad, 11, and her younger disabled brother, Owen, are happy living with their grandmother in California even though it means living in a trailer. Their lives are turned upside down when, after seven years, their alcoholic mother reappears and wants to take Naomi, but not Owen, with her. Gram is determined not to let this happen and they embark on an adventurous trip across the border to Oaxaca, Mexico to find the children's father.
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Testa, Maria. Becoming Joe DiMaggio. 2002.
Twenty-four poems tell the story of Joseph Paul, an Italian-American boy growing up in New York in the 1940s and 50s. Named after the great Joe DiMaggio, he spends a lot of time with his immigrant grandfather Papa Angelo sitting on special handmade chairs listening to baseball games on the radio. Life is hard when there is a war going on and your dad is in prison. Will Joseph fulfill his dreams?
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Woodson, Jacqueline. Maizon at Blue Hill. 1992.
Blue Hill, an exclusive, private girls boarding school in Connecticut, seems to have it all: inspiring classes, top notch teachers, all in beautiful surroundings. Maizon, an African-American girl from Brooklyn, reluctantly accepts the scholarship, but how does she adjust to being a "minority" for the first time in her life?