Voice of Youth Award Books 2007-2008
3rd and 4th grades

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Blume, Judy. Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. 1972. *
It’s not easy being Peter, big brother of the adorable, charming 2-year-old Fudge. Lurking behind all that cuteness is trouble. Somehow Fudge always manages to make a spectacle of himself: cutting his own hair is one thing, but swallowing a pet turtle?
Christelow, Eileen. Vote! 2003.
Curious about how voting works? Sparky and Elmo, two dogs, know lots about the history of voter rights, how to find out about candidates, fundraising, and even political advertising and recounts.
Cleary, Beverly. The Mouse and the Motorcycle. 1965. *
What could Ralph, a little mouse living in a motel, possibly have in common with a little boy named Keith? They both love motorcycles. Ralph is overjoyed when Keith teaches him how to ride the small toy motorcycle he has brought on his trip. But a mouse on a motorcycle has some obstacles to overcome, too: a vacuum cleaner is pretty scary, but poison is even more worrisome.
Florian, Douglas. Lizards, Frogs, and Polliwogs: Poems and Paintings. 2001.
Don’t forget that “It’s wise to stay clear–of the dangerous cobra–all the months of the year–including Octobra." Twenty-one hilarious poems about scaly, slimy reptiles and amphibians.
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Kelly, Katy. Lucy Rose, Here’s the Thing About Me. 2004. *
Her parents’ separating is hard enough but moving from Ann Arbor, Michigan to Washington, DC doesn’t exactly make things easier for Lucy Rose. Not all of her teachers and classmates appreciate her being an “original thinker,” and, having a grandmother who is an advice columnist on child rearing can have its challenges.
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Korman, Gordon. Nosepickers from Outer Space. 1999.
Why does Devin’s student exchange buddy Stan have to be such a nerd when all the other students are so cool? As it turns out, things aren’t so straightforward; not only is Stan in fact not from Chicago, he also isn’t really picking his nose even though it certainly appears so.
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Lord, Bette. In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson. 1984. *
What could Shirley Temple Wong, a 10-year-old immigrant girl, possibly have in common with baseball great Jackie Robinson? The year is 1947, and whether you are the grandson of slaves or brand new to this country, America can truly be a land of opportunity, even though the path is not always simple.
Morgenstern, Susie Hoch. A Book of Coupons. 2001.
A new 8th grade teacher gives out coupons to students allowing them a pass to do things like dance in class or sleep late. These ideas are definitely going to get their teacher in trouble with the principal, who is a very strict.
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Orr, Wendy. Nim’s Island. 2001.
Can life be any more perfect? Nim and her scientist dad are stranded on the most beautiful island you can imagine. They live in a small hut with just an iguana and a sea lion and have to provide their own food. However, with a cell phone and a solar powered computer at hand, they can keep in touch with the world. All is well until one day when Nim can’t make contact with her dad, who is out on his boat conducting research.
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Stanley, George E. The Case of the Dirty Clue. 2003.
This is definitely a case for the Third Grade Detectives. Someone crushed Misty’s brand new bike, leaving it covered in red dirt. All they know is that the speeding driver’s car is white. Maybe their teacher, Mr. Merlin, who used to be a spy, can help solve this mystery.