Voice of Youth Award Books 2007-2008
5th and 6th grades

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Colfer, Eoin. Half-Moon Investigations. 2006. *
Ever since 12-year-old Fletcher “Half” Moon earned his shiny detective badge from an esteemed Internet school, he is officially the youngest P.I. in the world. Nonetheless, being short and nerdy, he has to continuously prove himself. When a classmate retains him for a case and his badge is stolen, he immediately suspects the infamous Sharkeys– but things aren’t always the way they seem.
Collier, James Lincoln and Christopher Collier. War Comes to Willy Freeman. 1983.
Willy Freeman is faced with the horrors of the Revolutionary War, when, after witnessing her father’s death, she returns home and realizes that her mother is missing. Disguised as a boy, she sets out to find her. Has her mother been kidnapped? Is Willy destined to live as a boy forever?
Coville, Bruce. Juliet Dove, Queen of Love. 2003. *
Juliet arrives in Mr. Elives? magic shop after being teased yet again. There she ends up with a pendant that is “the key to the world’s desire”. Juliet, an extraordinarily shy girl, is baffled. Why is she being followed by all the boys suddenly? Trying to take the amulet off is impossible. What is going on?
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Creech, Sharon. Walk Two Moons. 1994. *
She was supposed to be back from Idaho “when the tulips bloom.” Sal’s mother still has not come back and now Sal and her eccentric grandparents drive west from their home in Ohio, retracing her mother’s route. During the ride Sal tells the story of Phoebe, whose mom also has vanished. Will Sal and her mother reunite?
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Jones, Charotte Foltz. Accidents May Happen: Fifty Inventions Discovered by Mistake. 1996.
Oops! Lots of useful things were really mistakes! According to a legend, bread was an accidental product of an ancient Egyptian slave who fell asleep and waited until morning to bake his flour-and-water cakes. By then, the dough had risen, probably due to some yeast or bacteria in the air. The end result was light, fluffy loaves of bread! Read about 49 more inventions learned from mistakes.
Kehret, Peg. The Secret Journey. 1999.
There is no way 12-year-old Emma will stay with her evil aunt Martha and cousin Odolf while her dad accompanies her ill mother from England to France. Determined, she changes into Odolf’s old clothes and boards the ship she believes her parents to be on. Not so! To her surprise and horror she finds herself  on the Black Lightning, one of the most infamous slave carrying vessels around, and of course, its destination is not France at all.
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O’Brien, Robert C. Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH. 1971. *
What’s a mouse going to do? Mrs. Frisby has to move to escape almost certain death, but Timothy, the youngest of her four children, is very ill with pneumonia. Maybe those strange creatures from under the rosebush, the rats of NIMH, can help.
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Park, Linda Sue. Project Mulberry: A Novel. 2005. *
Julia is the only Korean girl in her Plainfield, Illinois neighborhood. Having just moved here and trying hard to assimilate and be a real American girl, she initially does not want to raise silkworms for the state fair. It’s just too Asian! Her friend Patrick though, is intrigued. There are, however, other hurdles to overcome. Where, for example, will they get the silkworms’ only food, mulberry leaves? Can Julia and Patrick win a blue ribbon?
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Raskin, Ellen. The Westing Game. 1978. *
Mr. Samuel W. Westing leaves two hundred million dollars to his rightful heirs. But who are they? Sixteen people are invited to solve the mystery of Mr. Westing’s murder for a chance to claim this fortune. This turns out to be harder than anyone would have thought.
Woodson, Jacqueline. Locomotion. 2003. *
Lonnie Collins Motion (“Locomotion”) is 11 years old and lives in a foster home, separated from his younger sister since his parents’ tragic death in a fire when he was seven. With encouragement from his teacher, Ms. Marcus, Locomotion discovers poetry as a new means to not just deal with his grief, but also to find hope.