Junior Great Books

Junior Great Books is an enrichment reading program that inspires students to think for themselves through careful reading of thought-provoking stories. The program helps students develop important literacy skills including reading, writing, communication, and critical thinking.

bookwormWhat happens in a Junior Great Books session?

Students read an assigned story before each session and come prepared with questions or comments about the story to share with the group. The story is discussed through "shared inquiry," whereby a certified Junior Great Books leader asks attentive questions to help students work together to discover the meaning of a story. The emphasis on discussion allows all students to participate whether or not they are fluent readers, and helps them grow in their ability to understand and enjoy literature.

When are Junior Great Books sessions offered?

The Youth Services Department offers fall and winter sessions for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students. All Junior Great Books sessions meet in the Youth Services Program Room unless noted otherwise.

  • Junior Great Books for 3rd Grade
    No sessions are scheduled at this time.
  • Junior Great Books for 4th and 5th Grade
    No sessions are scheduled at this time.

How can I sign up for Junior Great Books?

Register at the Youth Services Desk or by phone at 847.324.3149. Students who register in person will receive their Junior Great Books materials at the time of registration. Students who register by phone must pick up their materials at least one week before the program begins.

For more information about Junior Great Books, contact Jan Watkins, Head of Youth Services, at 847.324.3151 or by email.