Annual Staff Picks!

Looking for a good book, DVD, or music recording?  The staff at Skokie Public Library are always willing to share their recommendations for something to read, watch, or listen to.

Clip artFor the past several years, Skokie Public Library staff members have selected their top picks for the books, films, and music recordings they enjoyed most during that year.  Our choices are not always the favorites of professional critics.  Instead, they’re what gave us pleasure and what we think will please others as well.

See what we liked, and you’ll be bound to find something you’ll like as well!

2013 staff picks:   BOOKS    FILMS    MUSIC

2012 staff picks:   BOOKS    FILMS    MUSIC    VIDEO GAMES

2011 staff picks:   BOOKS    FILMS    MUSIC

2010 staff picks:   BOOKS    FILMS    MUSIC

2009 staff picks:   BOOKS    FILMS    MUSIC

2008 staff picks:   BOOKS    FILMS    MUSIC

2007 staff picks:   BOOKS    FILMS    MUSIC

2006 staff picks:   BOOKS    FILMS    MUSIC

2005 staff picks:   BOOKS    FILMS    MUSIC

2004 staff picks:   BOOKS    FILMS    MUSIC

2003 staff picks:   BOOKS    FILMS    MUSIC

2002 staff picks:   BOOKS    FILMS    MUSIC