An Artistic Discovery
2008 Competition Finalists
May 12 through May 30, 2008

Photo of Jan SchakowskyMore than thirty artists participated in the Artistic Discovery competition organized by U.S. Representative Jan Schakowsky. Now in its 27th year, "An Artistic Discovery" is a Congressional art competition designed to encourage and reward our nation’s gifted young artists.

The six top selections were chosen by a committee of judges including art instructors, artists, and arts administrators. The winning artwork from the 9th Congressional District competition will be displayed in the U.S. Capitol for one year and the winner is eligible for a full four-year scholarship to Columbia College Chicago. The 2nd through 6th place finalists will receive special prizes and their artwork will be included in a touring exhibit and public venues throughout the 9th Congressional District of Illinois.

Congratulations to the finalists of the 9th Congressional District’s 2008 "An Artistic Discovery" Competition:

1st Place  
  Student Alfredo Echeverria, Jr.
  Title "Flesh"
  School Notre Dame High School
2nd Place  
  Student Ralitza Treneva
  Title "Saturn Rain"
  School Niles North High School
3rd Place  
  Student Daniella Martinez
  Title "Chromatic"
  School Saint Scholastica Academy
4th Place  
  Student Maya Koenig
  Title "Silent Journey"
  School Niles North High School
5th Place  
  Student Adrienne Masterton
  Title "Good & Evil"
  School Niles West High School
6th Place  
  Student Nenad Galijasevic
  Title "Behind Those Eyes"
  School Nicholas Senn High School