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Natasha Cooper

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Crime novelist Natasha Cooper began writing crime fiction in the 1990s. She began her career as an editor and won the Tony Godwin Memorial Trust Award, an award given to young Brits who work in publishing. After a decade of plying her trade, she began to write historical fiction. Just a few years into writing she found her niche, crime fiction. The year 1990 saw her crime fiction debut with the novel Festering Lilies, the first book in what later became the Willow King series.

She has lived in London her whole life, and continues to write novels and book reviews.

What she writes: Natasha Cooper has written under three pseudonyms, and has written three series of books. The main character in the Willow King series is a lawyer named Trish, who, while not in court, is solving crime. Her latest series, Karen Taylor, is a about a female forensic psychologist.


List of works
Writing as Daphne Wright
  Distant Kingdom (1987) Never Such Innocence (1991)
  The Longest Winter (1989) Dreams of Another Day (1992)
  Parrot Cage (1990) The Tightrope Walkers (1993)
Writing as Kate Hatfield
  Drowning in Honey (1995)  
  Angels Alone (1996)  
  Marsh Light (1997)  
Writing as Clare Layton
  Those Whom the Gods Love (2001)  
  Clutch of Phantoms (2007)  
Willow King series
  Festering Lilies (1990) Rotten Apples (1995)
  Poison Flowers (1991) Fruiting Bodies (1996)
  Bloody Roses (1992) Sour Grapes (1997)
  Bitter Herbs (1994)  
Trish Maguire series
  Creeping Ivy (1998) Keep Me Alive (2004)
  Fault Lines (1999) Gagged & Bound (2005)
  Prey to All (2000) A Greater Evil (2007)
  Out of the Dark (2002) A Poisoned Mind (2008)
  A Place of Safety (2003)  
Karen Taylor series
  No Escape (2009)
  Life Blood (2010)
  Face of the Devil (2011)
What the critics say
"Simply gorgeous---a smart, complex, grown-up entertainment that rewards the reader on every page. Intricate in plotting, deft in characterization, [A Poisoned Mind] is one of the best legal thrillers I have ever read." - Laura Lippman, New York Times bestselling author of What the Dead Know
"Natasha Cooper brings a keen emotional intelligence to bear on the dark side of contemporary life. Trish Maguire is a heroine for the new millennium." - Val McDermid, author of The Grave Tattoo
"Cooper excels at depicting the effects of terror on the weak and the strong." - Kirkus Reviews
"Natasha Cooper [is] one of England’s best." - San Diego Union Tribune
"Cooper’s tense psychological thrillers are noteworthy for their taut pacing, devilishly clever plots, and keen insights into the darker recesses of the human psyche." - Booklist


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