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Clare Curzon

Photo of Clare CurzonBiography
Clare Curzon, pen-name of the native British author Eileen-Marie Duell Buchanan born in 1922, has written over thirty novels. She began writing fiction at the age of five, but it wasn’t until she was 41 years old that she had her first novel published. Before turning to fiction, she held various jobs all over Europe. In the 60’s and 70’s she wrote police procedurals and suspense novels. Then, in the 1980’s, she began publishing her Thames Valley mystery series under the pseudonym Clare Curzon for which we, in the US, know her best. The last novel in the series is called Devil in the Detail, which she published just before her death in 2010.

What she writes: Though she has written many novels under many different pen-names, she is best known for her Thames Valley mysteries featuring Superintendent Mike Yeadings.


List of works
Mike Yeadings series
  I Give You Five Days (1983) All Unwary (1997)
  Masks and Faces (1984) Cold Hands (1999)
  The Trojan Hearse (1985) Don't Leave Me (2001)
  The Quest for K (1986) The Body of a Woman (2002)
  Three-Core Lead (1988) A Meeting of Minds (2003)
  The Blue-Eyed Boy (1990) Last to Leave (2004)
  Cat's Cradle (1991) The Glass Wall (2005)
  First Wife, Twice Removed (1992) The Edge (2006)
  Death Prone (1992) Payback (2007)
  Nice People (1993) Off Track (2008)
  Past Mischief (1994) Burnt Out (2009)
  Close Quarters (1996) Devil in the Detail (2010)
Sian Vassilakis series
  Trail of Fire (1987)
  Shot Bolt (1988)
Lucy Sedgwick series
  Guilty Knowledge (1999)
  The Colour of Blood (2000)
  Dangerous Practice (2002)
  Leaven of Malice (1979)
  Special Occasion (1981)
  The Face in the Stone (1989)
  Flawed Light (2003)


Herodotus Award for Best First International Historical Mystery - Guilty Knowledge - 2000.

What the critics say
"Nothing satisfies a mystery fan more than discovering a writer who can turn out a thoroughly entertaining puzzler in one's favorite subgenre. For British procedural fans, Clare Curzon could be just such a discovery." - Booklist
"Curzon knows the formula and follows it unerringly; for fans of cozy mysteries, that's a high recommendation indeed." - Booklist
"In less capable hands, Curzon's 22nd Mike Yeadings mystery (after 2008's Payback), which interweaves three primary narratives and at times several secondary ones, might be chaotic and frustrating. Instead, the author effortlessly elicits the reader's interest in all her characters." - Publishers Weekly


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