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Barry Maitland


Barry Maitland was born in Paisley, Scotland but was raised in London. He studied architecture at Cambridge and then later urban design. For some time he worked as an architect and also published a number of books on the subject. By 1984 he had left England to head the architecture school at the University of Newcastle in Australia. While he first began writing as a student, he didn’t publish his first mystery until 1994.

What he writes: Maitland authors the “Brock and Kolla” series of police procedurals. Set in London, the series revolves around the work of the Scotland Yard team of Kathy Kolla and chief inspector David Brock. The relationship between the two is always interesting; they don’t always agree, but both are totallly committed to solving the crime at hand. Each of the books are set in a different part of London, making the sense of place an added element to the story. Maitland has said that, because of his architectural background, the buildings become almost like characters to him and form an integral part of the atmosphere within each book. He also mentions that he finds researching the obsessive interests of various characters to be one of most interesting parts in writing the books.


List of works
Brock and Kolla Series
  The Marx Sisters (1994) Babel (2002)
  The Malcontenta (1995) The Verge Practice (2003)
  All My Enemies (1996) No Trace (2004)
  The Chalon Heads (1999) Spider Trap (2006)
  Silvermeadow (2000) Bright Air (2008)


John Creasey Memorial Award shortlist, Crime Writers Association, for The Marx Sisters; Ned Kelly Award for Crime Writing, Crime Writers Association of Australia, 1996, for The Malcontenta.

What the critics say
"The story line is crisp, filled with twists, and never lets up for a moment." - BookBrowser
"Maitland is a master of mysteries, and his latest, The Chalon Heads, is a crafty and well-crafted showpiece of the genre." - The Los Angeles Times Book Review
"This is a smart, suspenseful mystery, and fans of the series will be entirely satisfied." - Booklist


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