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Maan Meyers and Annette Meyers

Photo of Annette and Martin MeyersBiography
Maan Meyers is the pseudonym for the husband/wife team of Martin and Annette Meyers writing together. Annette Meyers has had many years of experience working on Wall Street, and was assistant to Broadway director/producer Hal Prince for sixteen years. Martin Meyers is an actor who has appeared on Broadway and in film and television. Both write mystery short stories and novels individually, as well as together. They reside in New York City.

What they write: The Dutchman historical mystery series is set in New York in the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries, following the descendants of the Tonneman family. Assiduously researched, the series begins with the Dutch settlement of New Amsterdam, later known as New York. The new city is teeming with thugs, prostitutes, tycoons, immigrants and dandies, as well as roaming livestock. Pieter Tonneman, a hard drinking but decent fellow, is the last Dutch sheriff of New Amsterdam and, later, the first sheriff of New York. He is in love with a young Jewish widow. The Dutchman’s Dilemma deals with witch hysteria, and The Lucifer Contract is based on the 1864 Incendiary Plot, when Confederate officers conspired to burn down the city. In The House on Mulberry Street the corrupt police force awaits new commissioners, one of whom is Theodore Roosevelt. Sure to appeal to anyone interested in the early history of New York, all of the titles are filled with intrigue, romance and murder.

Annette Meyers writes the Smith and Wetzon series and the Olivia Brown series. Smith and Wetzon are a female headhunter/detective duo working on Wall Street, where greed, sex, and evil prevail, and in the Broadway theater world. Olivia Brown is a poet in the bohemian setting of 1920s Greenwich Village. She drinks and smokes too much, has affairs with both men and women, and produces poetry à la Edna St. Vincent Millay, all while helping her private investigator neighbor with cases.

Martin Meyers writes the Patrick Hardy ("the sensuous sleuth") private detective series.


List of works
The Dutchman historical mystery series by Maan Meyers
  The Dutchman (1992) The House on Mulberry Street (1996)
  The Kingbridge Plot (1993) The Lucifer Contract (1998)
  The High Constable (1994) The Organ Grinder (2008)
  The Dutchman's Dilemma (1995)  
Smith and Wetzon series by Annette Meyers
  The Big Killing (1989) Murder: The Musical (1993)
  Tender Death (1990) These Bones Were Made for Dancin' (1996)
  The Deadliest Option (1991) The Groaning Board (1997)
  Blood on the Street (1992) Hedging (2005)
Olivia Brown series by Annette Meyers
  Free Love (1999)  
  Murder Me Now (2001)  
Short stories by Maan Meyers
  "The High Constable and the Visiting Author," in Crime Through Time (1997)
  "The High Constable and the Rochester Rappers," in Crime Through Time II (1998)
  "The Dutchman and the Wrongful Heir," in The Mammoth Book of More Historical Whodunnits (2005)
  "The Organ Grinder," in Manhattan Noir (2006)
Short stories by Annette Meyers
  "Timor Mortis," in The Mammoth Book of Roaring Twenties Whodunnits (2004)
  "It's Too Late, Baby," in A Hell of a Woman (2007)
  "Not Just the Facts," in Sisters on the Case (2007)
Short stories by Martin Meyers
  "Snake Rag," in Murder... and All That Jazz (2004)
  "Why Do They Have to Hit?" in Manhattan Noir (2006)
What the critics say

... about The Dutchman series

"An entertaining read that will delight history/mystery buffs." - Booklist

"This is Doctorow with verve." - Deadly Pleasures

"Part fiction, part fact, and wholly entertaining ..." - Publishers Weekly

... about the Smith and Wetzon series

"A tautly plotted and stylish mystery in the tradition of Elizabeth Peters." - The Cleveland Plain Dealer

"... a shrewd and funny series." - Chicago Tribune

"Broadway hasn't been this much fun since George S. Kaufman left for Hollywood." - New York Times Book Review

"Annette Meyers has created one of the most fascinating and entertaining series featuring a female amateur sleuth on bookstore shelves these days." - Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine

"With a savvy, sassy style and an excellent ear for dialogue, Annette Meyers can boast of having one of the brightest, most entertaining series with her Smith and Wetzon mysteries. Meyers is among that handful of authors who have taken the mystery genre beyond its traditional boundaries." - Sun Sentinel

... about the Olivia Brown series

"Meyers carefully evokes a 1920s Greenwich Village teeming with illegal alcohol, torrid affairs, and artistic creativity. Samples of Olivia's poetry are scattered throughout, giving the story an extra richness." - Library Journal


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