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Phil Rickman

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Phil Rickman was born in Lancashire, England. He is married and and lives on the Welsh border, where many of his novels are based. He has worked as an award-winning radio and television journalist and as a novelist since 1991.

What he writes: While his first books were considered horror, Rickman’s more recent works are marketed as crime fiction, but with paranormal aspects. His mystery series features Merrily Watkins, an Anglican priest and her teenage daughter, Jane. Merrily has been given the position “Diocesan Deliverance Consultant” (or exorcist). Along with Lol Robinson, an ex-rock musician, and Gomer Parry, an aging retiree, she finds herself investigating crimes while also uncovering evil. A modern woman in an antique profession, Merrily has to overcome both the old-fashioned views of the church elders and her own self-doubt. Raising her daughter as a single parent adds to the complications in her life.


List of works
Merrily Watkins series
  The Wine of Angels (1998) The Prayer of the Night Shepherd (2004)
  Midwinter of the Spirit (1998) The Smile of a Ghost (2005)
  A Crown of Lights (2001) The Remains of an Altar (2006)
  The Cure of Souls (2001) The Fabric of Sin (2007)
  The Lamp of the Wicked (2003) To Dream of the Dead (2009)
Other works
  Candlenight (1991) December (1994)
  Curfew (1993) The Chalice (1997)
  The Man in the Moss (1994)  
Published under the name Will Kingdom
  The Cold Calling (1998)
  Mean Spirit (2001)


1986: Wales TV Reporter of the Year honor

1987: Wales Current Affairs Reporter of the Year honor for Aliens (documentary)

What the critics say
"A thinking reader's Elizabeth George" - Kirkus Reviews
"A first-rate thriller with supernatural overtones" - Publishers Weekly
"An excellent writer, terrific on atmosphere" - The Times


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