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David Rosenfelt

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Rosenfelt's first career was in the movie business. His uncle, who was president of United Artists, got David started at Tri-Star Pictures. He eventually became the production company's marketing president. He had a low opinion of his skills as a marketing executive and eventually left the movie business to try his hand at writing screenplays. Having had some minor success in that genre, he began writing novels, publishing his first Andy Carpenter story in 2002.

Like the main character in his novels, David Rosenfelt is a dog lover, claiming to be the master of 27 dogs. Not satisfied with merely keeping dogs as pets, he and his wife began an organization called the "Tara Foundation" which has rescued over 4,000 dogs that otherwise would have been euthanized.

What he writes: The bulk of his work is a series featuring a wealthy, witty, deceptively easygoing attorney who loves both dogs and justice. Rosenfelt places his wise-cracking protagonist in assorted unpleasant situations – mostly in Paterson, New Jersey – ratchets up the danger, then takes his readers on a fast-paced ride with criminals, cops, and dramatic courtroom scenes. Rosenfelt's standalone novels are equally brisk and witty, although they tend to be more plot-driven and suspenseful.


List of works
Andy Carpenter series
  Open and Shut (2002) - eAudiobook
  First Degree (2003) - eBook
  Bury the Lead (2004) - CD - eBook
  Sudden Death (2005) - CD - large type
  Dead Center (2006) - CD - eBook
  Play Dead (2007) - digital player - large type
  New Tricks (2009)
  Dog Tags (2010) - large type
  One Dog Night (2011) - large type
  Leader of the Pack (2012)
  Unleashed (2013)
Standalone novels
  Don't Tell a Soul (2008) - large type
  Down to the Wire (2010) - large type
  On Borrowed Time (2011) - large type
  Heart of a Killer (2012)
  Airtight (2013)
  Dogtripping: 25 Rescues, 11 Volunteers, and 3 RVs on Our Canine Cross-Country Adventure (2013)


Edgar and Shamus Award nominee for Open and Shut.

What the critics say
Regarding Leader of the Pack - "Rosenfelt still weaves a compelling narrative that will stump even the expert Perry Mason fan." - The Associated Press
Regarding Heart of a Killer - "A gripping plot careens around myriad twists and turns, avoiding clichés but keeping the surprises coming... Rosenfelt keeps a firm hand on his plot as he escalates the story from a legal thriller to the kind of action adventure that would star Bruce Willis. Despite the infusion of ramped-up action, Heart of a Killer remains a believable, often chilling story with appealing, realistic characters. Rosenfelt also balances this with his trademark dry humor." - Oline Cogdill, Kansas City Star
Regarding Heart of a Killer- "Rosenfelt has crafted another terrific thriller that will keep the reader up late at night." - Huffington Post
Regarding Airtight - "The tension is palpable, and the pages fly by in this riveting stand-alone thriller from the author of the Andy Carpenter mystery series. The voice here is every bit as engaging as in the Carpenter novels, with enough humor to lighten the story without diminishing the suspense. And the ending is a real shocker. Sure to appeal to fans of Harlan Coben and Robert Crais." - Booklist (starred review)


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