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Charles Todd


Charles Todd is actually two people: a mother and son writing team, Caroline and Charles Todd. Charles lives in Delaware, while his mother resides in North Carolina. Caroline is married and has degrees in English Literature and History, and International Relations, while Charles is divorced and has a degree in Communications Studies. They share a love of English authors and have visited England many times. Their family has a great tradition of storytelling that has been instrumental in their career choices.

What they write: The team has written a series of mysteries set in England after World War I. They feature Inspector Ian Rutledge who left Scotland Yard to fight in the war. He has returned from the fighting shell-shocked and haunted; often hearing the voice of Hamish MacLeod, a soldier he was forced to execute during the war. Now Rutledge is back at work, trying to conceal his condition as he solves his various cases. The books capture the time period, giving the feel of a grim, post-war England. Rutledge is tormented and his conversations with Hamish add to the depth of his character. Hamish is unforgiving and is the voice of conscience to Rutledge, who continues on, always afraid his affliction will be discovered.


List of works
Ian Rutledge Series
  A Test of Wills (1996) -- large type The Murder Stone (2003)
  Wings of Fire (1998) -- cassette A Cold Treachery (2005)
  Search the Dark (1999) -- cassette A Long Shadow (2006)
  Legacy of the Dead (2000) -- cassette A False Mirror (2007)
  Watchers of Time (2001) A Pale Horse (2008)
  A Fearsome Doubt (2002)  
What the critics say
"Another penetrating, emotionally lacerating antiwar fable from a master of the form." -Kirkus Reviews
"Award-winner Todd… is brilliant at creating atmosphere and unforgettable characters. Fans of historicals by Rennie Airth and Anne Perry will snap this up." - Library Journal
"Clues that would do Agatha Christie proud inexorably lead to the denouement…. Compelling evidence that inside every warrior who returns from the front, there’s a nightmare waiting to break out." -Kirkus Reviews


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