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David J. Walker

Photo of David J. Walker

Born in Chicago, David J. Walker is a true Illinoisian. He grew up in Mundelein and currently resides in Wilmette. Walker has worn a diverse grouping of occupational hats: after Quigley North High School, he joined the seminary and was in the Catholic priesthood, working as a parish priest for a time. After the priesthood, he went to Loyola University for law school and became a lawyer and an investigator with the Chicago Police Department. He now divides his time between crime fiction writing and practicing law.

What he writes: Walker writes two mystery series. One features a Chicago private investigator, Malachy “Mal” P. Foley, who plays jazz piano when he’s not solving cases. The other, the Wild Onion Ltd. series, features a husband/wife team: Kirsten, a PI, and her husband Dugan, a lawyer. Walker also has written one standalone thriller, Saving Paulo.


List of works
Mal Foley series
  Fixed in His Folly (1995)
  Half the Truth (1996)
  Applaud the Hollow Ghost (1998)
  No Show of Remorse (2002)
Wild Onion, Ltd. series
  A Ticket to Die For (1998)
  A Beer at a Bawdy House (2000)
  The End of Emerald Woods (2000)
  All the Dead Fathers (2005)
  Too Many Clients (2010)
Other work
  Saving Paulo (2008)
Awards and nominations
Fixed in His Folly: Edgar nomination for Best First Mystery, 1995
The End of Emerald Woods: Society of Midland Authors Book Awards nomination for Adult Fiction, 2000
Mal Foley series: Love is Murder “Lovey Award” for Best Series, 2000
What the critics say

Regarding Saving Paulo...

"This is Edgar nominee Walker's first stand-alone thriller. Readers should be hooked from the first scene... What follows is a plunge into a protracted chase scene... through a wonderfully sustained suspense story." - Connie Fletcher, Booklist

Regarding Fixed in His Folly...

"A tangled, moody debut... a solid, sordid job of work. [Walker's] debut showed unusual range and reach." - Kirkus Reviews

Regarding Applaud the Hollow Ghost...

"Mr. Walker has given us a real gem here. The plotting is well worked out, Foley is interestingly complex, and the secondary characters enrich the book like well-chosen herbs in a thick broth." - Washington Times

"This third Mal Foley case is a solid effort distinguished by the realistically portrayed relationship that develops between Foley and [his client]. ...A very satisfying read." - Booklist

Regarding the Wild Onion, Ltd. series...

"There have been numerous attempts to create modern versions of Nick and Nora Charles, but [Walker's] Kirsten and Dugan are the most fun." - Booklist

Regarding A Ticket to Die For...

"As richly plotted as Mal Foley's... cases, but good for a lot more laughs..." - Kirkus Reviews

"An eye-popping plot, wacky characters, oddball humor, and, best of all, the delightful [Kirsten and Dugan] in a story that's fresh, funny, and thoroughly entertaining." - Booklist

Regarding A Beer at a Bawdy House...

"The Edgar-nominated author has created a second compelling and enjoyable series... with well-drawn characters, serpentine plots and atmospheric setting." - Publishers Weekly

Regarding All the Dead Fathers...

"The fast-pace, well-rendered cast, and solid Midwest flavor make this a potential crowd-pleaser." - Publishers Weekly

"A chilling backstory makes Wild Onion's fourth a complex and creepy puzzler." - Kirkus Reviews

"Walker writes with a sure hand and a fine eye for character and plot. His story is both thought-provoking and entertaining." - Chicago Sun-Times


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