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Edward Wright

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Edward Wright grew up in Arkansas and later attended Vanderbilt University. After graduation, and a brief stint in the Navy, he went back to school at Northwestern University to study journalism. Not long after he landed a job at the Chicago Tribune and then transferred to the Los Angeles Times. For a long while he covered news concerning the Middle East and, later, the fall of the Soviet Union. While working as a newsman he began to have ideas for novels, but not until he came up with the character John Ray Horn and adopted the setting of postwar Los Angeles did his first novel come together. He currently lives with his wife Cathy and their dog Magic in Los Angeles.

What he writes: The author’s first three novels, all of which are noir mysteries, revolve around an amateur sleuth by the name of John Ray Horn. His career as a sleuth begins after he suffers a series of tumultuous events: he is blacklisted, ending his Western movie career; his wife leaves him; and he faces assault charges. As he begins a new job in the underworld he picks up on a trail of crime that leads to high places.

Wright’s other novels are also mysteries and, though they retain a noir atmosphere, they are standalone novels.


List of works 
  Clea's Moon (2003) Damnation Falls (2007)
  While I Disappear (2004) From Blood (2010)
  Red Sky Lament (2006)  
Clea's Moon - Winner of the Debut Dagger Award
While I Disappear - Winner of the Shamus Award and the Southern California Booksellers Association Award
Red Sky Lament - Winner of the CWA Ellis Peters Historical Crime Award
Damnation Falls - Winner of the Barry Award
From Blood - Named one of the best mystery novels of 2010 by the Financial Times, London
What the critics say
"A well-paced mystery, satisfyingly strewn with period details -- just the kind of first novel that makes you hope for more." - Booklist
"A gem... an exceptional novel... It runs on all cylinders right out of the starting gate. Characters, plot, pacing all combine to perfection in this wonderfully atmospheric novel." - Larry Gandle, Deadly Pleasures magazine
"A fast-paced, standout thriller." - Financial Times, London
"Like all Wright's books, this is complex, fast-paced and well-plotted, with an exciting denouement." - The Guardian


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