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Mark Richard Zubro

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Mark Zubro was born in Racine, Wisconsin in 1948. He attended high school in Riverside, California and attended St. Louis University, graduating with a BA in English in 1970. In 1976, he earned a Master’s Degree in Education from Governors State University in Illinois. Shortly after graduating, he found a job in a nearby city and ever since, Zubro has called the Chicago suburb of Mokena his home. He taught eighth grade English and reading at a school in Frankfort Square, Illinois for over 30 years. He was active in the local teachers’ union (and was also president of the union for over twenty years) before retiring from teaching in 2006. He now enjoys his days reading (J.R.R. Tolkien is a favorite), writing, napping, and, his true passion, eating chocolate. He is an out and proud gay man, which is very much at the focal point of his fiction. .

What he writes: Zubro is the author of twenty-four mysteries, including two gay mystery series: the Tom and Scott series featuring high school teacher Tom Mason and his lover, pro baseball player Scott Carpenter; and the Paul Turner series, featuring a gay Chicago Police detective. His mysteries are set in and around Chicago, are fast-paced with interesting plots and well-rounded, likeable characters, and all feature gay themes. In 2013, Zubro started a sci-fi/mystery series (Alien Danger) as well as writing a gay young adult novel, Safe, in 2014.


List of works
Tom and Scott series
  A Simple Suburban Murder (1990) One Dead Drag Queen (2001)
  Why Isn't Becky Twitchell Dead? (1991) Here Comes the Corpse (2002)
  The Only Good Priest (1991) File Under Dead (2005)
  The Principal Cause of Death (1992) Everyone's Dead But Us (2006)
  An Echo of Death (1995) Schooled in Murder (2008)
  Rust on the Razor (1996) Another Dead Republican (2012)
  Are You Nuts? (1999)  
Paul Turner series
  Sorry Now? (1991) Dead Egotistical Morons (2003)
  Political Poison (1994) Nerds Who Kill (2005)
  Another Dead Teenager (1996) Hook, Line, and Homicide (2007)
  The Truth Can Get You Killed (1998) Black and Blue and Pretty Dead Too (2011)
  Drop Dead (1999) The Pawn of Satan (2013)
  Sex and (2002)  
Co-written work
  Foolproof (2009) with Barbara D'Amato and Jeanne Dams
Alien Danger series
  Alien Quest (2013)
  Alien Home (2014)
Young adult work
  Safe (2014)
Short stories
  "Next Year Kankakee" in Cat Crimes III (1992)
  "Never on Santa" in Santa Clues (1993)
  "Mrs. Talucci's Dinner" in Murder for Mother (1994)
  "Tea for Two" in Homicide Hosts Present (1996)
  "Duped in Grit" in Windy City Queer (2011)


A Simple Suburban Murder - Winner of Lambda Literary Award: Best Gay Men's Mystery.
Nominated for the Lambda Literary Award: Best Gay Men's Mystery for an additional six of his mysteries: Dead Egotistical Morons, Sex and, Drop Dead, Another Dead Teenager, Sorry Now?, Why Isn't Becky Twitchell Dead?

What the critics say
"Zubro’s greatest gift to the reader is the fluidity of pace and his flawless structure, which never loses balance." - Lambda Book Report
Regarding the Tom and Scott mysteries- "One of the most engaging mystery series heroes." - Booklist
Regarding A Simple Suburban Murder - "Surprisingly entertaining in spite of its focus: child homosexual prostitution and snuff movies, among other unsavory topics." - Publishers Weekly
Regarding The Principal Cause of Death
"A delightful book that'll bring readers back, wanting other Zubro sleuthers." - Booklist
"The school politics are dead on and Tom and Scott have become the sort of interesting couple one might like to have over for dinner." - Kirkus Reviews
Regarding An Echo of Death - "As in Zubro's previous books, readers have both campy humor and an action -filled plot to keep them entertained. Highly recommended - this one's a good read in every sense of the word." - Booklist
Regarding Rust on the Razor - "…delivers a truly enjoyable read." -Lambda Book Report
Regarding One Dead Drag Queen
"Edgy...tense storytelling...heart-wrenchingly realistic. The reader can't rip through the pages fast enough." - San Francisco Bay Times
"A breathless, headlong hurtle through a complex maze of danger and deceit. Like a master magician, the author never allows the reader an instant for reflection, providing instead constant and entertaining diversions. A stellar accomplishment." - The Clarion-Ledger
Regarding Here Comes the Corpse
"Zubro's fans will cheer just about everything in the new Tom and Scott mystery." - Booklist
"Edgy, tense storytelling...heart-wrenchingly realistic. The reader can't rip through the pages fast enough." -San Francisco Bay Times
Regarding Sex and - "Showcases Zubro at the top of his form." - Booklist
Regarding Dead Egotistical Morons - "Sure to please and to grow Zubro's fandom."- Booklist


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