The Spur Award for Best Novel of the West (Long Novel)

The Spur Awards, given annually for distinguished writing about the American West, are among the oldest and most prestigious in American literature. In 1953, when the awards were established by Western Writers of America, western fiction was a staple of American publishing. (This award description was taken from NoveList, a database dedicated to helping readers find fiction titles, award winning books, and similar titles and authors.) Spurs are offered today for a variety of writing categories, including Best Novel of the West (Long Novel). The winners of this particular award are listed below. Visit the Western Writers of America: Spur Award History official website for more information about this award.

All of these titles are located in the Adult Western section of the Library unless otherwise noted.

2014 Best Western Contemporary Novel
Burke, James Lee. Light of the World: A Dave Robicheaux Novel.
     Also available: Large type, CD

Best Western Historical Novel
Chappell, Henry. Silent We Stood.

Best Western Traditional Novel
Schanbacher, Gary. Crossing Purgatory.
     Also available: eAudiobook
2013 Cobb, Thomas. With Blood in Their Eyes.
2012 Harrigan, Stephen. Remember Ben Clayton. (Adult Fiction HAR).
2011 Robson, Lucia St. Clair. Last Train from Cuernavaca.
2010 Flynn, Robert. Echoes of Glory.
2009 Cobb, Thomas. Shavetail. (Adult Fiction COB).
2008 Kyle, Aryn. The God of Animals. (Adult Fiction KYL).
     Also available: CD
2007 Crook, Elizabeth. The Night Journal. (Adult Fiction CRO).
     Also available: CD
2006 Wyman, Willard. High Country.
2005 Gear, Kathleen O'Neal. People of the Raven. (Adult Fiction GEA).
2004 Blevins, Winfred. So Wild a Dream.
2003 Earling, Debra Magpie. Perma Red. (Adult Fiction EAR).
2002 Udall, Brady. The Miracle Life of Edgar Mint. (Adult Fiction UDA).
2001 Harrigan, Stephen. The Gates of the Alamo. (Adult Fiction HAR).
2000 Recknor, Ellen. Prophet Annie.
1999 Smiley, Jane. The All-True Travels and Adventures of Lidie Newton.
(Adult Fiction SMI).
     Also available: Large Type
1998 McMurtry, Larry. Comanche Moon. (Adult Fiction McM).
     Also available: Large Type
1997 Wheeler, Richard S. Sierra: A Novel of the California Gold Rush.
1996 Blevins, Winfred. Stone Song: A Novel of the Life of Crazy Horse.
1995 Kelton, Elmer. The Far Canyon.
1994 Long, Jeff. Empire of Bones: A Novel of Sam Houston and the Texas Revolution. (Adult Fiction LON).
1993 Kelton, Elmer. Slaughter.
1992 Sherman, Jory. The Medicine Horn.
1991 Williams, Jeanne. Home Mountain. (Adult Romance WIL).
1990 Thom, James Alexander. Panther in the Sky.
1989 Swarthout, Glendon. The Homesman.
1988 Flynn, Robert. Wanderer Springs.
1987 Jones, Douglas C. Roman.
1986 Cooke, John Byrne. The Snowblind Moon.
1985 Jones, Douglas C. Gone the Dreams and Dancing. (Adult Fiction JON).
1984 Woolley, Bryan. Sam Bass.
1983 Robson, Lucia St. Clair. Ride the Wind: The Story of Cynthia Ann Parker and the Last Days of the Comanche.
1982 Estleman, Loren D. Aces and Eights.
1981 No Award
1980 No Award
1979 No Award
1978 Kilpatrick, Terrence. Swimming Man Burning.
1977 Braun, Matt. The Kincaids.
1976 No Award
1975 No Award
1974 No Award
1973 Henry, Will. Chiricahua.
1972 No Award
1971 No Award
1970 Capps, Benjamin. The White Man's Road.
1969 Patten, Lewis B. The Red Sabbath.
1968 Oliver, Chad. The Wolf is My Brother.
1967 Roark, Garland. Hellfire Jackson.
1966 Ballard, Todhunter. Gold in California.
Fisher, Vardis. Mountain Man: A Novel of Male and Female in the American West. (Adult Fiction FIS).
1965 Halleran, E. E. Indian Fighter.
1964 Henry, Will. The Gates of the Mountains.
1963 Berry, Don. Moontrap.
1962 Haines, William Wister. The Winter War.
1961 Henry, Will. From Where the Sun Now Stands.
1960 Prebble, John. The Buffalo Soldiers.
1959 Bean, Amelia. The Fancher Train.
1958 Cushman, Dan. The Silver Mountain.
1957 Hunt, John Clinton. Generations of Men.
1956 No Award
1955 Prescott, John. Journey by the River.
1954 Moore, Lucia. The Wheel and the Hearth.