African-American Romance

Whether hot and steamy, or playful and romantic, these novels feature men and women of color, be they sassy ladies, upright women, sensitive heroes, or bad boys looking for love and that one special somebody. All of these titles are located in the Adult Romance section of the Library unless otherwise noted.

Alers, Rochelle. Sanctuary Cove. 2012.

Alers, al. Going to the Chapel. 2001. (Adult Romance 813.080508 G).

Berry, Bertice. When Love Calls, You Better Answer. 2005. (Adult Fiction BER).

Briscoe, Connie. Sisters and Husbands. 2009. (Adult Fiction BRI).
     Also available: CD

Bunkley, Anita Richmond. Vote for Love. 2010. (Adult Paperback-Romance B).

Byrd, Adrianne. Lovers Premiere. 2010.

Castoro, Laura. Love on the Line. 2009. (Adult Fiction CAS).

Forster, Gwynne. Breaking the Ties That Bind. 2011. (Adult Fiction FOR).

Foxx, Nina. Just Short of Crazy. 2006. (Adult Chick Lit FOX).

Grant, Michele. Sweet Little Lies. 2011.

Green, Carmen. That Perfect Moment. 2011. (Adult Paperback-Romance G).

Hailstock, Shirley. On My Terms. 2008.

Hill, Donna. Spend My Life With You. 2011. (Adult Paperback-Romance H).

Jackson, Brenda. Claimed for Destiny. 2011.

Jackson, Monica. Love's Potion. 2005.

Jenkins, Beverly. Something Old, Something New. 2011.

Johnson, Doris. Rhythms of Love. 2002.

King-Gamble, Marcia. A Taste of Paradise. 2005.

Kitt, Sandra. For All We Know. 2008. (Adult Paperback-Romance K).

Lovely, Lutishia. Reverend Feelgood. 2010. (Adult Fiction LOV).

Matthews, Kimberly. A Little Hurt Ain't Never Hurt Nobody. 2008.
(Adult Paperback-Fiction MAT).

McGlothin, Victor. Down On My Knees. 2006. (Adult Fiction MCG).

Millner, Denene. The Vow. 2005.

Monroe, Mary. Company We Keep. 2009. (Adult Fiction MON).

Norfleet. Celeste O. Cross My Heart. 2010.

Perrin, Kayla. Single Mama’s Got More Drama. 2009.

Ray, Francis. And Mistress Makes Three. 2009.

Terry, Kimberly Kaye. To Desire a Wilde. 2011.

Warren, Tiffany L. Bishop’s Daughter. 2009.