Environmental Fiction

Environmental destruction, climatic changes, endangered species, eco-terrorism, and genetic engineering are some of the subjects driving the plots of these fiction, mystery, and science fiction novels.  All of these titles are located in the Adult Fiction section of the Library unless otherwise noted.

Abbey, Edward. The Monkey Wrench Gang. 1975.

Anderson, Alison. Darwin’s Wink. 2004.

Andrews, Sarah. Dead Dry. 2005. (Adult Mystery AND).

Barbash, Tom. The Last Good Chance. 2002.

Barnes, John. Mother of Storms. 1994. (Adult Science Fiction BAR).

Barr, Nevada. Endangered Species. 1997. (Adult Mystery BAR).

Baxter, Stephen. Flood. 2008. (Adult Science Fiction BAX).

Berry, Wendell. Remembering. 1988.

Billheimer, John W. Drybone Hollow. 2003. (Adult Mystery BIL).

Bohjalian, Chris. Water Witches. 1994.

Bond, Larry and Jim DeFelice. Shadows of War. 2009.
     Also available: CD

Box, C. J. Open Season. 2001. (Adult Mystery BOX).

Boyle, T. Coraghessan. A Friend of the Earth. 2000.

Braziel, James. Birmingham, 35 Miles. 2008.

Brockovich, Erin with C.J. Lyons. Rock Bottom. 2011.

Brockovich, Erin with C.J. Lyons. Hot Water. 2011.

Brown, Rita Mae. A Nose for Justice. 2010. (Adult Mystery BRO).
     Also available: CD, eAudiobook

Brunner, John. The Sheep Look Up. 1972. (Adult Science Fiction BRU).

Brynner, Rock. The Doomsday Report. 1998.

Buckell, Tobias S. Arctic Rising. 2012. (Adult Science Fiction BUC).

Burstyn, Varda. Water Inc. 2005.

Callenbach, Ernest. Ecotopia: The Notebooks and Reports of William Weston. 1975.

Clarke, Brian. The Stream. 2000.

Cobb, William J. The Bird Saviors. 2012.
     Also available: eAudiobook

Coel, Margaret. The Dream Stalker. 1997. (Adult Mystery COE).
     Also available: CD

Cussler, Clive & Dirk Cussler. Arctic Drift. 2008.
     Also available: Large Type, CD

Cussler, Clive. Blue Gold: A Novel from the Numa Files. 2000.

DeLillo, Don. White Noise. 1985.

Grisham, John. The Appeal. 2008.
     Also available: Large Type, CD

Gunesekera, Romesh. Heaven’s Edge. 2002.

Herrin, Lamar. Fractures. 2013.

Hogan, Linda. People of the Whale. 2008.

Kingsolver, Barbara. Flight Behavior. 2012.
     Also available: Large Type, CD

Kingsolver, Barbara. Prodigal Summer. 2000.
     Also available: CD

Kress, Nancy. Nothing Human. 2003. (Adult Science Fiction KRE).

Leon, Donna. Through a Glass, Darkly. 2006. (Adult Mystery LEO).
     Also available: CD

Matson, Suzanne. The Tree-Sitter. 2006.

McAuley, Paul J. The Quiet War. 2009. (Adult Science Fiction MCA).

McEwan, Ian. Solar. 2010.
     Also available: Large Type, CD

McKinzie, Clinton. Point of Law. 2003.

Millet, Lydia. How the Dead Dream. 2008.

Monroe, Mary Alice. Sweetgrass. 2005.
     Also available: CD

Moody, Skye Kathleen. Habitat. 1999. (Adult Mystery MOO).

Norman, Michael. On Deadly Ground. 2010. (Adult Mystery NOR).

Ozeki, Ruth. All Over Creation. 2003.
     Also available: CD

Pancake, Ann. Strange As This Weather Has Been. 2007.

Powlik, James. Meltdown. 2000.

Rash, Ron. Saints at the River. 2004.

Robinson, Kim Stanley. Forty Signs of Rain. 2004. (Adult Science Fiction ROB).

Robinson, Kim Stanley. Sixty Days and Counting. 2007. (Adult Science Fiction ROB).

Sickels, Carter. The Evening Hour. 2012.

Siegel, Barry. Actual Innocence. 1999.

Stabenow, Dana. A Fine and Bitter Snow. 2002. (Adult Mystery STA).

Sterling, Bruce. Heavy Weather. 1994. (Adult Science Fiction STE).

Walker, Martin. The Dark Vineyard. 2009. (Adult Mystery WAL).
     Also available: Large Type, CD

White, Randy Wayne. Captiva. 1996. (Adult Mystery WHI).
     Also available: Large Type

White, Randy Wayne. Chasing Midnight. 2012. (Adult Mystery WHI).
     Also available: Large Type, CD

Wildgen, Michelle. But Not for Long. 2009.

Wilson, Robert. Blood is Dirt. 2004. (Adult Mystery WIL).

Wishnia, K.J.A. The Glass Factory: A Filomena Buscarsela Mystery. 2000.
(Adult Mystery WIS).